Simple ways to build muscle of your dog

Simple ways to build muscle of your dog

Many of us like muscular dogs. Breeds like pitbull, dogo argentino, american bully etc. are known for their muscular body. Here we are sharing some tips to make your dog muscular. Muscle building needs a proper planning and conditioning schedule. If you want a conditioning plan for your dog than you can visit our article Conditioning Plan. So lets start discussion.

Many owners want results in shortcut and they start to put extra pressure on their dog. First lesson of muscle building and conditioning is patience. Always look for basics and never do more than capability of your dog. Muscles of a dog are effected by many things, genes, mother-father, ancestors play an important role in it. Although exercise has great role in it, but it does not completely depends upon exercise.

Here are some easy ways to build muscles of your dog:-

1. Wait pulling –

Wait pulling is great exercise to build muscle. It will help to develop all types muscles of your dog specaily of legs. If you are trying to build muscle of your dog than you should try it. Tyre, wigh pulling structure etc. can be used for this purpose.

Do not go directly to this exercise if your dog is new. Start with initially running and build endurance in your dog for this exercise.

Always take care that the weight you are using should not be too much for your dog, over-weight can cause serious problems and your dog may loose interest in exercise.

Build Muscle

Build Muscle

2. Running –

Running helps to develop muscles of your dog. It should be systematic. First walk your dog to warm him up and than start slowly running. Some metre sprints are also helpfull for building muscles. Increase the running according to your dog’s capacity, never put extra pressure from starting. This will also help to increase his stamina.

A good owner starts from long walks, slowly shift to running and than include some sprints into it. Complete guide is given in our article Building Muscles and Stamina. Many owners want result in short spam of time and they put extra pressure on their dog, which priduces negatuve results. So beware and never go for beyond capability of your dog. Muscle building is not a process of single day.

3. Swimming –

Swimming is also a good exercise that build all types of muscles in dogs. It also helps to improve the stamina of your dog. Consider the capacity and ability of your dog before going for it. It will give you impressive results.

Always be with your dog while swimming time to avoid any unwanted situation. Increase the time according to capacity of your dog. A perfect supervision is advised during swimming. Check the whether conditions too before swimming avoid it in winters. Water used for swimming should be good enough for dog’s health.

4. Playing –

Playing is also a good exercise. In this all type of muscles get involve. Dog runs, jumps and also do sprints. It makes him happy too. So playing is also a good exercise to relax your dog and build his muscles.

During play time your dog will also enjoy and side by side it will help to build his muscles. It also helps in socialization of your dog. You can make your dog to jump, run and many more during playtime. If you have two dogs than it become more easy for you, and the result too gets better as they also use skills of wrestling in play that gives better exercise.

5. Supplements –

Many Supplements are available in market those help to build only muscle mass. Max bully, orijen food products etc with protein help to build muscle mass. But these will only help if you are taking your dog for exercise. So exercise is must for developing muscles of your dog.

If you are using supplements for muscle building than you should be aware of the results of that supplement. Duplicate or lower quality supplements can make adverse effects upon your dog. Do a proper research before using supplement for muscle building in dogs.

6. Jumping –

Jumping is also a great exercise to build muscles. It specailly works on back legs of a dog. But overall it develop whole body muscles of a dog. You can use any article to whom your dog a attractive and place it on some height, he will jump to get it and your motive will get served. You can also hold that article in your hand and make your hand up and down in front of your dog. It is also a playing type exercise.

I think above mentioned points will help you to build muscles of your dog. You can also read the article on conditioning, that will also help you to build muscles.

Simple ways to build muscle of your dog

Build Muscle

Build Muscle

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