Choosing a diet plan for your dog – Complete Guide

Choosing A Diet Plan For Your Dog

Everyone likes a healthy dog and every owner try to keep his dog in his best health conditions. But for keeping a dog healthy needs a lot of knowledge and proper plan. Most important for any dog’s health is DIET. Because without a proper dog no one can think about a healthy dog. So, which food is best and which diet plan should I follow is the question that strucks everyone’s mind. But nobody have the best answer for it. In this article ‘Choosing A Diet Plan For Your Dog’ we are going to discuss about which food is best for your dog and which diet plan you should follow.

1. Balanced Diet For Your Dog

2. Home Made Diet For Dog

3. Best Dog Food Available

Coming to the point choosing a diet plan for your dog, here are some points that you should look for while preparing a diet plan for you dog.

1. Identify Need Of Your Dog

2. Choice Of Your Dog

3. Amount Of Food

4. Type Of Food

5. Brand Of Food

1. Identify need of your dog:-

Before selecting a diet plan you should identify the needs of your dog, that vary for every dog. Every dog is different like humans, he has he own likes, his own routine and own life style. Before deciding a proper diet plan one should classify his dog according to his weight, daily workout, habits, breed type and activity. Because all these factors define which and amount food suits your dog.

Physical activity is very important in deciding diet plan for you dog. A dog with less physical activity needs different diet plan than a dog with higher physical activity. Size of dog is second key point of deciding diet plan. You cannot feed the same amount to a 14 inch dog and a 30 inch dog, quantity vary with size of your dog.

2. Choice of your dog:-

Every costly food does not mean good food, but the food which gives the required nutritions is good. Before deciding your dog’s diet plan do not follow others. Understand your dog, his likes, dislikes. Because even if you serve him the best if he do not like it than it is all vain. So, understanding taste of your dog is most important.

Make perfect roration menu for your dog, if you start feeding him a single food every day that too becomes boring for him. A perfect rotation maintains the lust for food in your dog. It also helps to find-out what your dog likes the most.

3. Amount of food:-

Being fat does not mean being healthy, so excessive food can give you bad results, illness etc. So, identify the need of your dog according to his weight and catagory. You can take advice of your vet regarding food requirement of your dog. Excessive feeding is always dangerous for his health.

Amount of food depends upon mainly two things, size and activity of dog. A dog with larger size naturally needs more food. A dog with higher physical activity burn most of his energy in activity so he too needs extra food to maintain his health.

4. Type of food:-

This part of planning is most important, this includes what you serve. Many owners prefer readymade (canned) food and supplements and many prefer raw food. Canned food includes all the food brands like Hill science, royal canin etc. And raw food includes the diet in its natural way like meat, chicken, corn etc. Canned foods are scienctifically balanced foods and give good results, but if you are expert enough to give the required nutritions through raw food than you should go for the raw food beacause it gives the better results if balanced than canned food.

If you are experienced enough to create your own diet plan and raw food for your dog food than I will suggest thisbis the best option available for you. Raw food gives better results than canned food if it is properly balanced, but it needs experience.

5. Brand Of Food

If you think that you are not enough experienced to prepare a balanced food or have lack of time than yoh can switch to canned or dry food for dogs. But keep in mind that brand you choose should met requirements of AAFCO and people have trust in it. Make a proper research for it. You can also refer to our article Best Dog Food Available.

So these are the some important points that one should keep in mind before making a diet plan for his dog. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Choosing a diet plan for your dog

Diet plan

Diet plan

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