How To Choose A Puppy From The Litter

How To Choose A Puppy From The Litter

Everyone likes to have the best dog. But having a good dog depends upon how you choose the one that you think will be the best dog. Everybody according to his knowledge chooses the best among the available dogs, but few things one should keep in mind before choosing a dog. Here we are going to discuss those things which I think are most important for choosing a dog.

Why This Topic Is Important?

A dog is a dog why we should bother about choosing the best. This may struck in minds of many people. But a wise dog-man every dog is different dog even they may be real brothers.

A puppy needs minimum of one year to show his capabilities and almost two year to show what he is. Two years is a long time and it includes lot of efforts and investment to build a dog, but if after this long time and too much investment on his keeping and diet he do not show good qualities. This will be sad for an owner.

Suppose you choose a guard dog for home but you have to guard him, than what is the benefit of choosing a guard dog. Take another example you choose a dog to make him trained but his capabilitis are not matching the standards. All these cases makes us un-happy.

We choose for quality but he looks like a mix, we choose for size but he fail to achieve it, we look for muscles but he become a fatty guy. All these results can be changed through a good and wise selection.

So if you are inverting time and money than you should also get the best puppy available for that price, it is your right. So the topic of choosing a puppy from litter has great worth for dog lovers and wise owners.

How To Choose A Puppy

Before choosing a puppy please make your mind about the reason why you are adopting a puppy. You want a companion, guard dog etc. are common reasons for adoption of puppies. You may have any other, but it should be clear in your mind.

There are mainly 5 things that you should look for when you are choosing a puppy:-

1. Which Breed You Choose

2. Parentage

3. Health of Puppy

4. Breeder

5. Health of Parents

1.Which Breed You Choose:-

Before choosing a dog one should decide which breed he requires. This depends on many factors like personal choice, age, area of residence and requirement. Some like the dog that they can carry at all places, many like the dog which can be easily trained, many prefer looks of dog and large community exist that prefer a dog for a certain job/work. So before going out to buy/adopt a dog one should decide what he wants from the dog and he should have the proper knowledge about the breed he is going to choose.

Second thing when it comes to a litter check that the litter has purity according to breed standards. Means parentage should qualify for the basic qualities of that breed. When you are choosing a pitbull it should not be mix with american bully or staffordshire.

You can visit our article Choosing A Breed for complete guide.

You should be clear minded what you want in your dog. First of all clear all your doubts about breed you want to choose. You can also take advise of persons who have dog of same breed.

How To Choose A Puppy From The Litter

How To Choose A Puppy From The Litter

2. Parentage:-

After deciding the breed most important thing one require to inquire is the parentage of puppy. For high performance and fulfiling your needs/dreams one should do a inquiry about the parentage of puppy. Parentage does not mean only mother and father but also their backgrounds too, because the most important factor in puppies quality and performance will be his parentage/lineage. So before throwing your money do a research/inquiry about parenatge of puppy.

If you want detail in effect of parentage you can visit our article Effect Of Parentage On Puppy.

Parentage is not simply concluded in one generation, a proper study of pedigree is required. Pedigree means details of ancestors. This gives us the proper knowledge of purity and performance of dog.

If you are buying or adopting a puppy for performance reasons than it is must that you should be aware of performance of mother and father in that field. Suppose you want a dog to whom you can give training, you should inquire how much trainable his parents are, because their ability is embeded in a puppy.

3. Health Of Puppy:-

After deciding the breed and parentage most important thing one should look for is health of puppy. Is pupp you choose is healthy and active? Beacause this going to effect his over-all growth and performance. Being heavy does not always mean healthiness, but a proper knowledge about breed and its nature tells you the proper outline of pupp’s nature that helps to choose the most healthy and active puppy in the litter.

Many time we choose a puppy without comparing his health with litter-mates, but in long run it has great effect on development of puppy. Also inquire about vaccination of mother, because for first 6 weeks puppy depends upon immunity of mother.

Here one thing that you should also care about is health of parents also and their vaccination record.

4. Breeder:-

Dogs are business for many, so before choosing a dog do a research about the breeder. Does he give the actual knowledge about parentage, his last customers, result of previous breedings, how he is keeping the puppies, vaccination done till date all these points will help you to decide if this person is reliable.

You should also inquire about pedigree, Breeding Type etc. This will help you for all the future planning about your dog. Track record of breeder is must when you choose a puppy. Check the quality of his previous results and also try to connect with his previous customers.

In many countries certification is compulsory for breeding also verify it if you belong to this type of country. If yes than ask the breeder for proofs if he is certified or not.

If possible buy puppies of mother-father who are register with any agency maintaining the record like AKC, this will make you sure about the purity of puppy.

5. Health Of Parents

Look for the health condition of parents too. Try to find out whether they have any issue related to their health, are they prone to any infection or ailment. Inquire if mother was properly vaccinated as puppies stays on immunity of mother for first 6 weeks.

Any serious issue concerning to health of parents can have affect on puppies too. So it is our responsibility to make sure everything about it. Many times we do not care if mother was vaccinated or not and that results in disasters in many cases.

So when you are about to choose a puppy from a litter than inquire the following things about health of parents:-

# Their Medical Backgroung, means you should be aware about the medical history of parents. To which infection they are highly prone. You should also note down all the positive and negative issues related to medical history to take a decision. This will help you in Vaccination Of Puppy and other points related to his health.

# Their Vaccination History should also be known to you specaily of mother as for first 6 weeks a puppy depends upon immunity of his mother and if the mother was un-vaccinated than this can cause serious problems to puppy like Parvovirus.

How To Choose A Puppy From The Litter

How To Choose A Puppy From The Litter

Choosing The Best Out Of Best

Above we have discussed about some common points. A good caring breeder can produce a litter in which all puppies have equal health. Still there exist a further course of selection that you should follow. Lets discuss about it.

1. What You Like Most In Mother Father

This is the one of the most deciding factor while choosing a puppy. When you choose a specific litter you look for the mother and father. As above discuss Effect Of Parentage can never be ignored on puppy. What here we are talking about who is your favourite in the couple, mother or father.

If you like the father most than choose a puppy who resembles to father and if mother than choose who resembles to mother. For this purpose you should also be aware about pedigree or lineage of mother father.

2. If You Don’t Get The Chance Of First Choice

Till now we have discussed about the first choice from the litter, but if somehow you don’t get the chance for first choice? Than look for the second best option. You have to go for all the above discussed procedure and find the best out of the avaible.

3. Colour And Marking

It is a common thing that most of the people who choose a puppy first of all look for the colour and marking. Having a unique and beautifull colour marking is also a great factor that effects the decision about choosing a puppy from the litter.

4. Previous Results

This point also add value here, how the previous puppies performing. A male or female will produce the puppy who will show the qualities combined from both, but one side will have little edge in a particular puppy. Like some puppies will be more similar to mother and some to father.

Inquire about the previous results of parents and find the resemblance of present puppies with previous puppies and their performance. Although every puppy is unique and every litter is unique but upto some extent this point also have value.

Can Always The First Choice Performs Best?

Simply no! There are high chances that a puppy having good health and qualities at childhood will be a good dog in future but this is not always true.

Sometimes even the last choice can out-perform all the puppies. The basic reason behind this is how you care. I have written an article on Things To Make Dog Better. If dog gets a good caring owner there are high chances that he can become the top produce of litter even though he was not the first choice in the initial stage.

This factor is also very important as above I have discussed about resemblance of puppy to mother or father. A puppy who is more identical to better in the pair can perform better in later life even though in initial stage he may be ignored for first choice.


All above mentioned points are very helpful before choosing a puppy, there exists many more things that vary time to time and depends upon conditions. But my personal opinion is this for saving a small amount do not choose the secondary choice, because if you want to satisfied than choose the best according to your knowledge.

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How to choose a puppy from litter

How to choose a puppy from litter

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