Aggression in dogs – Finding the reason and cure


Aggression in dogs – Finding the reason and cure

Why some dogs become aggressive to humans, other dogs/animals? A question that occurs in mind of many dog owners. Now we are going to discuss some reasons behind your dogs aggression. These points will also help you to make your dog more friendly and lovable.

Aggression is result of many things like depression, lesser physical activity and ancestors etc. Lets discuss about all these points.


First question that comes here is what is aggression in dogs? Aggrrssion means attention or behaviour of dog in which he tries to give harm to humans and other animals or be can say feeling or anger toward others. Sometimes even some dogs become aggressive to their owner.


There are several reasons behind aggression of dog like genes, illness, care of owner etc. All these are discussed here-under in detail.

1. Lineage

Many people catagorize dogs on the basis of breeds in relation to their aggressivness, but I am not agree with that. The thing that has effect on dogs nature is his lineage, means nature of his mother and father. Mostly we found that pupps of aggressive dogs become aggressive.

This is due to common traits of a line. A puppy carries traits of his father and mother, and this is the reson behind effect of line or pedigree on aggression in dogs.

2. Interaction with people

Those dogs who get lesser interaction with people or other dogs became aggressive due to their fear and lesser socailization. So, try to socailize your dog by letting him met with new people and dogs from his childhood.

Take him on long walks and to public places from his childhood, this helps in Socialization of dog. It has great effect on aggression in dogs.

3. Excessive chaining

If you keep your dog chained all the time he will become aggressive due to depression. So, try to give your dog a time to make him relax by playing. This is same like humans, play releases pressure from mind.

Take your dog to park or ground give hime some Playtime with you or other dogs, it helps in making him familiar with other dogs and releasing pressure from mind. He also interacts with new people and this helps too to reduce aggression.

4. Care of owner

Your attitude toward your dog determines his nature. Many owners do not show love for their dogs. They beat them, chained them with heavy chains, less food, ignoring their illness etc. So if you like a freindly dog than try to understand his behaviour.

You have great importance in his life, I have written a article on Importance Of Owner In Dog’s Life to understand the basic behind it. Give him time and adequate love to keep him socialized and calm.

5. Illness

Illness is also a major reason behind your dog’s aggression. So, if your dog is not behaving normal than let him check by vet.

Illness leads to deprrssion and depression to illness. You can also visit our article Care During Illness for details about it.

You have great role in his Recovery From Illness. A healthy dog loves humans normally but a dog who remain ill continuesly becomes aggressive. Illness is great reason behind aggression in dog.

6. Use in fighting

Many people uae their dogs for fighting. This is big reason for becoming those dogs aggressive toward other dogs and humans.

Love Him The Way He Loves You is the base for making him more friendly and less aggressive.

7. Basic Training

Start teaching basic things of socialization from his childhood, this helps in better socialized dog. You can also check our article on Basic Things A Dog Should Know. Basic training is the backbone of making dog familiar with all.

8. Starvation

Starvation is another reason behind the aggression of dog. Many owners do not provide adequate food to their dogs and they starve them and this starvation leads toward aggression. Sometime digs our starved to make aggressive for fight. This is in-human and a dog should get enough to eat so that he do not get starved.

9. Beating

Many dogs suffer from this too. Owners use to beat them for little things and this develop a feeling of anger in dog that leads to aggression. So beating should be avoided to keep you dog calm.

10. Depression

Depression a great cause of aggression. In depression dog stay in state of fear and he wants to hide all those things to whom he don’t like and whenever he saw them he becomes aggressive on them. You can also read our article on Depression In Dogs. Try to help your dog come out of depression.

So above mentioned ways will help you to understand aggression of your dog and make him freindly.

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Aggression in dogs – Finding the reason and cure

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