Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

For a healthy dog an healthy diet is required. Diet should meet the daily food requirements of your dog. In this article we will discuss about balanced diet for your dog and will try to find out which diet will be best for your dog. So lets start discussion.

What Is Balanced Diet?

A dog needs energy and nutritions to grow and meet his daily energy requirements. A diet that helps in growth of your dog and fulfill his daily energy requirements is considered Balanced Diet.

A balanced diet needs a proper plan according to which your dog will get best out of it. For a diet plan you can visit our article Choosing A Diet Plan.

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

Why It Is Important?

Every dog lover likes that people should praise his dog for his health and for achieving good health dog needs nutritions to grow and energy for his daily works. Both these things need a proper balanced diet to achieve.

Here I want to suggest one more article to get best out of your dog’s food and this article is Making Your Dog’s Food Interesting. This will also help in making food a better thing to improve health of your dog.

Content Of Balanced Diet

Now comes the second point which content a balanced diet should have in it. Here we are providing list of four basic elements that you should check while choosing a balanced diet.

1. Carbohydrates

2. Protien

3. Fat

4. Vitamins And Minerals

1. Carbohydrates

They are very important for your dog as they are the backbone of energy that a dog requires. A food which lacks in carbohydrates will not fulfill the energy requirements of your dog.

A good food contains carbohydrates in the range of 30-70%. Below 30% food will not be considered of good quality.

2. Protien

For overall development of your dog and building muscle mass protien is must. So in simple words protiens are the backbone of growth of your dog. Whenever you start to search for a food which can fulfill your dog’s requirements, first thing you should check is protien.

A good and balanced diet should have minimum of 30% protien. Puppy’s needs more protiens than adult dogs as they are in period of higher growth and their requirements are high.

3. Fat

Fat is required to fill-up the daily workout loss. It is also required for many functions of your dogs daily life. To maintain the proper weight, energy level and strength fact is very important element of your dog’s food.

If you want to give a good quality food to your dog than it should have minimum 20% fat in it.

4. Vitamins And Minerals

They can never be ingonerd as they are essential for your dogs many health related points. Strength of bones, skin quality, increase immunity and proper functioning of body these are very essential.

The Bark has provided a great detail on essential vitamins and minerals for your dog. If you think that the food you are giving to your dog is not fulfilling his requirements than you can give him extra supplements for it.

What Is The Most Important Factor Of Content?

Dog are though consider omnivorous but naturally they are carnivorous animals, means they like to eat meat and meat is the best food for them. So whenever you are thinking to buy a canned food or may prepare meal at home always look for the first or main content.

The main content of a dog’s food should be meat or chicken as they are the best options for your dog.

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

Preparing A Balanced Diet

Now coming to the point that which diet is balanced diet for your dog. Diet that full-fill the above mentioned requirements is good. Normally two types of foods are found.

1. Raw food

2. Dry canned food

1. Raw food

The food which is in it’s natural form is called raw food. Like meat, eggs and milk. Every owner is not capable of feeding raw food as it needs proper understanding of your dog’s requirement.

We have written and article on Home Made Diet For Your Dog you can take help of this article too. Raw food has large variety and can give you results beyond your expectation if you feed your dog properly. Different forms of raw food are here under:-

1. Raw meat bones

2. Raw muscle meat

3. Raw organ meat

4. Raw eggs

5. Veggies and fruit

6. Milk products like cheese, yogurt etc.

You can feed the food as per table given below :-

Chicken (any part)

Turkey (any part)

Game hens ( feed whole)

Duck (any part)

Quail (any part)

Rabbit ( any part)

Egg ( with shell)

2. Canned dry food

Many brands are involved in providing good balanced dry dog food. The good thing about this food is this that a person with less knowledge about dog requirements can use it with his dogs, because these foods are cilinically balanced.

But before purchasing a canned food look at it’s contains like protien, fat, omega3, vitamins etc. and there ratio. Because there are many canned foods are found in the market but try to choose one that can fullfill the requirements of your dog.

You can also take help of our article on Best Dog Food Brands Available. Some examples of good canned dry food brands are as under:


Nature’s Variety

Taste Of The Wild

These are the best dry dog foods but brands like Royal Canin, Drools etc. can also serve your purpose.

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide


Many people think that adding supplements is not compulsory but according to me they have great importance in your dog’s food. Adding fish oil, vitamin E , vitamin A and omega-3 is good option for your dog. As they help for stronger bones, good skin etc.

If you think that food of your dog lacks in any of above given element than you can give external supplement for that specific element. Like you can introduce multi-vitamins, calcium etc. to your dog if you think he needs them.

We have discussed both types of food plus supplements. From my personal opinion raw food is best, but if you are new with dogs than start with canned food as it is balanced diet. After aquiring the proper knowledge switch to raw food.

So above we have discussed in detail about balanced diet for dog. I hope our article Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide will help you in preparing and serving your dog a good balanced diet. For more articles like this keep visiting our site and also give your views in comment box.

Balanced Diet For Your Dog – Complete Guide

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