Basic Things To Teach Your Dog

Basic Things To Teach Your Dog

Hello friends! as I am talking about dog socialization on my previous articles in this article we are going to learn hoe to socialize your dog. Basic things that your dog should know. These things will help you to keep your dog in control and will also help you to put some manners in your dog.

First teacher of your dog is you. It is you who shape his behaviour and habits. So it depends upon you how you can treat your dog to teach him basic thing. After learning these basic things keeping a dog in house is so easy. His nature and habits are according to your needs and he know what you want. So lets discuss what are those basic things.

1. Come

Your dog should obey you. When you calls him he should come to you. This habit can be develop by giving him a name and teaching him repeatidly when you call him to call. Normal every dog gets use to it when you call him two or three times. Some time if he ignores your voice come then you should loud that he should know that you are the master amd he has to obey you. So teaching him this basic thing will help you a lot.

2. Traveler

Make your dog a traveler from his childhood. Take him with you in your car or any other vehicle. This habit can be develop by teaching your dog from childhood. This will help you to take your dog to a vet or clinic. He will be comfirtable with travelling.

3. Leave it

This habit is also very important. When your dog is destroying your household things then ask him to leave it in commanding voice, by this he will learn what you want him to be like. He will start to learn how to behave at home. Developing this habit will help you to leave your dig alone at home.

Basic things

Basic things

4. Don’t Pull

Normal habit of everydog is pulling during walks. This habit can be controlled by teaching him from childhood. Command of your voice should be obeyed by him. This will make easier to take him on walks.

5. Name

Your dog should know who he is. So give him a name. This will help you for his entire basic training and routine life. As he will know who he is. Your call will be obeyed by him only when he knows that it is for him. So giving a name is very important and making your dog familiar to it is also very important.

6. Socialization

Your dog should be well behave with others. He should be taught this by taking him to market places or parks. When he will met to new people his fear will decrease and he will start to learn how to behave with others.

7. Home

He should know what is his home. Knowing your home is another thing knowing his home means the place where he suppose to be sit during normal days. He should also know where his food will be served. These habits will be develop by his trainig from childhood.

Dogs are very intelligent animals. They catch are feelings and words. They easily understand our behaviour toward them. So teaching them basic things is not to hard. But owner should keep care of points that he wants to develop in his dog. Training starts from childhood. Your every action and command is a lesson for your dog.

If you love to have a dog at home he should be socialize. We want the upliftment of dogs in society. They are loyal and deserve respect for their loyality.

Basic things

Basic things

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