Changes in behaviour of dog with increasing age

Changes in behaviour of dog with increasing age
What kind of changes comes to a dog’s behaviour when his age grows. In this article we are going to discuss them. Dogs also learn like humans, with age their experience also grows and they also get mature. So this is all what we are going to discuss now.
1. First 30 days
First 30 days are just a welcome to new world. A new born baby is deaf and dump. He neither listen anything nor he can see anything. He starts to see this world after 12 to 15 days. When he start to see his activity gets began. Upto 20 days his walking capability are very less but he start to slowly walk. Upto 30 days he is able to stand on his feet and start to go here and there.
2. 30 to 45 days
In this period activity of dog gets increased. He will run toward every movable thing and anyone who calls him. He is not familiar to his name upto this time but he start to understand a call for come. He is not enough mature to recognise his owner and anything else. But he start to recognise his place and some voices.
3. 45 days to 90 days
During this period dog become very active. Now he is able to walk properly and even start to run. Little recognisation of his owner is also got developed during this period. Also gets some familiar to his name and become very responsive to come calls. So during this time he start to understand.
4. 3 months to 5 months
Here dog become very active. His walking and runnig speed gets increased. He become familiar to his name by now. Also start to recognise his owner and his call. This is the best time when a dog should get proper training on socialization and other things. He start to learn anything and everything quickly.
5. Five months to Eight Months
This is one of the most important stage of dog’s behaviour changes and his basic education. During this period he got mlst of his basic education and socialization. Overall this period develop the character of your dog. So do not ignore your dog during this period. This period is same as of a 10-15 years child. A human learns most of his things during this period and dog learns during 5 to 8 months. So try to develop all those things that you like to develop in your dog. Most of the growth also gets completed by this time. His love for play still exist.
6. Eight month to one year
Now in this period dog start to look like what he is going to look as an of one year old is equivalent to 18 years old human. His height has comes to almost peak level, his size has done most of his growth and dog start to look like an adult dog, but actualy he is not. Still the childish things exists in him and he still love to play. By now he know most of his duties but sometimes ignore them as he is not that much responsible as he appears. Sometime he become childish and some time act as mature one.
7. One year to 18 month
During this time dog gets maturity. Love for play still exist in him but now he start to behave like a mature dog. Most of his basic education and socialization gets completed by this time. He is aware of his roles and functions. But still many time his childish behaviour can be seen. By the end of 18 months a dog is fully mature in most of the cases. His childish nature lapse behind now.
8. 18 months and above
The process of learning never stops but upto 18 months a dog get developed most of his basic habits. They can be changed by an well caring owner. Dog become fully mature by now and also behave like that. With passage of time his experience also get improved and some behaviour changes may also occur in further life. But the main character of a dog is completed by 18 months.
So above we have discuss how behaviour of dog changes and how he become mature. If you want a well socialize dog than start his basic education from childhood. Because overall character of a dig depends upon what we teach him.
Changes in behaviour of dog with increasing age


Behaviour changes

Behaviour Changes


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