Conditioning A Dog – Making Muscular and Building Stamina

Conditioning A Dog – Making Muscular and Building Stamina

Conditioning a dog means taking him to that position where he can perform physically best. Many people consider fat dogs are healthy but truth is different. Healthy means the dog in his perfect condition neither fat nor starved. So if you are giving your dog best diet but not giving him required play time than he is not physically fit or at best of his fitness.

What Is Conditioning

The most important question here rise is about definition. Conditioning is a process which helps to take a dog to best of his health, where he has best ideal weight according to his body and breed type.

How We Can Condition A Dog?

The process of conditioning depends upon two main points.

1. Exercise

2. Diet

1. Exercise

It has very important part in dogs conditioning. The level vary for breed to breed. Now we will discuss this point under two different catagories.

1. Normal Exercise

2. Enhanced Exercise

1. Normal Exercise

The procedure of normal exercise iis for those who are kept in normal houses as pet dogs. They do not require much time for it. A good play time of an hour is enough for this without any specail exercise. But if you want to improve the fitness of your dog than you can take him on long walks also, and for better results 1-2 miles slow running is enough. This will not put any extra burden on your dog and will make him fit. So you do not require specail time for your dog’s fitness in normal cases.

Never put pressure on your dog from very first day. Start slowly and steadily according to his capacity. If you are adopting normal exercise than you can start with initial simple walks and than slowly switch to running. For more details you can also visit our article on Simple Ways To Build Muscles. This article will help you to find out ways for exercising your dog.

2. Enhanced Exercise

A. Start Of Enhanced Exercise

This type of exercise is required for working dogs. Dogs used for hunting, dog shows and fighting have to go under this process. This also have two levels. In enhace process the dog have to go through a process that completly changeas his endurance and stamina. The process start with normal exercise level. First fase is walking. If you want to condition your dog as working dog first start to take him for 4-5 Km walks. After 3-4 days add normal running of 2-3 Km or 10 minute in 5 Km walk. The speed of running should we very slow that his muscles should not get pumped up in starting. After a week take running to 5 Km or to 20 Minute in time. After that start adding 500 metre or 2 minute daily. After 10 more days running will be 10 km or 50 minute a day.
One thing one should also keep in mind that running should not be contineus. After 4 km or 15 minutes dog should be given time to walk for 1 Km or 7 minute. And before starting the running 1 Km walk should also be given to warm-up body and after the workout dog should walk for 2 Km minimum.

In simple words you have to adopt a Plan To Conditon that leads from simple exercise to enhanced level.

Conditioning a dog - Making Muscular and Building Stamina

Conditioning a dog – Making Muscular and Building Stamina

B. Extreme Level Of Enhanced Exercise

Previous process is 1st fase of extreme conditioning that is best for a dog who is going for a dog show. For working dogs or dogs used for fighting and hunting it was just starting. Although we do not support dog fighting but without explaining this my article is incomplete. For working dogs schedule should be like 1 Km walk – 5 Km running – 1 Km walk – 4 km running – 1 Km walk – 3 Km running – 2 Km walk. This is for first two days of week. After that 1 Km walk – 2 Km running – 2 Km tyre appropriate that a dog can pull – 3 Km running – 2 Km tyre – 3 Km running – 1 Km tyre – 2 Km walk. These two above mentioned ways can be rotated in a week. 1 day should be given as a rest day to have the best output.

2. Diet

As we have discussed about exercise now we will discuss about diet. Diet should be according to dog’s workout. Dogs having lesser physical workout should not be overfed beacause that can harm them. Dogs having enhanced exercise require diet excess in protien and nutritions. Raw meat, chicken, egg, cheese are best for them. Food should be given after some rest after workout. Amount of food depends upon size of dog. Lever tonic is recommended for dogs going through enhance exercise. And the level of exercise should not be taken directly to enhanced level. Step by step increase the exercise time and work of your dog.

You have to prepare a proper Diet Plan For Your Dog and implement it. You can take help of our articles Home Made Food For Your Dog and Best Dog Food For Dog. Always keep in mind that Balanced Diet is must for dog during conditioning.

Benefits Of Conditioning

Conditioning has great benefits for you dog. We have written a complete article on Benefits Of Exercise, you can read it for better understanding. Here we are giving some benefits in short.

1. Helps to increase immunity of dog.

2. Increases endurance of dog

3. Takes him to best of his health

4. Helps in maintaining best weight for your dog.

5. Makes him muscular.

6. Increases stamina of your dog.

7. Helps in better digestion.

8. Build a bond between you and your dog.

9. Helps in social training.

10. Improves strength of lungs resulting in better resliration and removing hypertension.

Save Your Dog From Excessive Exercise

Here I would like to highlight one thing that save your dog from excessive pressure of conditioning. Many times we look for shortcut and put extra pressure on dog while increasing the intensity of exercise. Sometimes our dog is not capable or bot have enough endurance to undergo that procedure and disaster happens. So always be carefull and struck to basics while the process of conditioning and exercise. Remeber that it is for betterment of your dog and try to take beatbout of it.

So from above points it is clear that exercise has great role in dog’s life. It has great benefits for your dog and I suggest you to give some exercise daily. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.



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