Crooked, Deformed, Bowed or Bended Dog Legs

Crooked, Deformed, Bowed or Bended Dog Legs
Many people says that their dog has crooked, deformed, bowed or bended legs, and searching for solution to it. In this article we are going to discuss about how this actually occur and how to rectify it. The whole process needs identifying the reason for deformality and find out the best way to rectify. This problem can be solved in initial life of a dog, in adult dogs it is in-curable in natural way. So read this article to save your dog from any structural problem.
1. Large Breed
Large breeds normally has bowed legs during their initial life. This is due to that their body weight is high but bones in initial stage are not that much strong that makes the legs to bend. This normally gets rectify with passage of time.
2. Excessive Chaining
Excessive chaining also cause bended legs. Dog gets less time to play and due to sitting all the day his bones do not become strong that leads to bended legs. So excessive chaining in starting life is also a reason for bended legs.
3. Excessive Diet
Excessive diet is also a big reason behind this. An un-aware owner try to make his puppy healthy by feeding him excessivly, without understanding the need and requirement of the breed. That makes the pupp over weight and deformed legs structure as his natural structure don’t support that much weight.
4. Defecency
Defency of minerals and calcium also cause deformed legs. Dog needs proper minerals to make his bones strong in initial life. So this also a reason for deformed legs.
Rectification process depends upon wisdom of an owner. As I have mentioned above that excessive chaining is a reason for bended legs but many times extra play time also leads toward it. So an wise owner will find out what is the reason behind it. As the bones are not enough strong to sustain the weight of puppy, due to increased activity, playing and jumping the more pressure is exerted upon bones that leads to bended or deformed legs. So according to me keep a puppy in a cage is better option than chaining or let him play all the day. Cage with proper area will give him space to play and will not let him free to exerted more pressure on legs by jumping or running.
The diet should be switched from high protien and fat to normal. In simple words start using adult food instead of puppy starter. Use calcium rich food. Many owners also make a bunker type place and let the puppy in it by keep trying to come out of it. This trick is also helpful for rectifing the deformed legs, as tgis leads to front legs exercise and makes the bones stronger.
So if your dog has deformed legs than don’t worry with proper care it can be cured but ignoring it leads toward permanent defect, because it is curable upto some extent of life in adult dogs it is nkt curable by abive mentioned ways as the bones of dog are now strong and natural way to change their shape do not exist.
So if you are having a puppy don’t start feeding him excissivly, note down effect of activity on his legs, do not make him chained all the day. Normal walks are also a solution for it, so take your dog on walks daily from his childhood, this will also make his bones stronger.
The main point comes out is that an owner should be aware of his dog’s nature, capabilities and ideal weight if he wants that his dog should not have any problem related to his structure in initial life. Calcium and minerals are very important for a dog’s growth. Go for natual way of calcium, that gives better results. Also take care that is excessive playing is also making any side-effect on your dog’s legs.
Crooked, Deformed, Bowed or Bended Dog Legs


Crooked, deformed and bowed legs

Crooked, deformed and bowed legs


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