Dog Fighting – The Dark Face of Dog’s Life

Dog Fighting – The Dark Face of Dog’s Life

We do not support dog fighting, but this practice is going on in world and this fact can never be denied. A lot of money is involved in this. Starting from fun it has now become a business. Many people are earning a huge money from this business. Here we will discuss about all the major points of dog fighting.

What Is Dog Fighting?

For many people dog fighting is a medium of entertainment. They use their dogs to fight with dogs of other for the purpose of entertainment, money gain and fake name.

Dog Fighting - The Dark Face of Dog's Life

Dog Fighting – The Dark Face of Dog’s Life

How It Is Organised?

Dog fighting is banned in many countries but still legal in many. In coutries where it is legal there is no problem to organise a dog fight but the countries where it is banned hidden and secret places are choosen to organise dog fight. Owners are informed about place and timing and it is tried to keep it as secret as possible.

Many times it is pre-organised and some times it occurs due to conflict between two owners to proove themselves best. The looser always is a dog even he wins he has to suffer a lot.

What Is Involved In It?

It is great source of income for organisers. Gambling, betting and high value prices are involved in it. And also a lust for fake popularity and name is also a major part of it. People are letting their dogs to die for their fake names.

People travel even from one country to another for organising dog fights. Dogs have to suffer with great losses during this whole process. Many times even they have to lost their life during it.

How It Is Business For Many?

People are importing dogs from all over the world to make their yards best. Pedigrees showing the records of dog’s ancestors decides his price. Having more winning gran-parents means high price. Many lineages are claiming to be best. And this run for best is the main reason behind this practice. High prices are given to buy a puppy from winning and famous pedigree.

People involved in dog fighting try to choose a puppy from the best lineage. They start their training as a pupp. Gripping, aggression and will to kill is developed by training him from childhood. They are kept heavily chained, hard exercise routine, in some cases they are also starved to make more aggressive. Some owners beat their dog to make them aggressive. They are left to fight and kill another dogs frequently to develop their fighting skills.

How A Dog Suffer?

It is an inhuman practice and dogs suffer a lot during this. They have to undergo hard workouts, they are starved to be more aggressive, owner beats them to make more aggressive. Dogs used in this have to remain chained with heavy loads all the day, they get lesser chance to play with other dogs and people. Only motive of their life is to kill to survive.

Many dogs even die during this whole process. But the lust for this fake legacy never dies in an owner. Thus practice is cruel. Letting these innocent dogs for our hounor can never justify this practice. But money involved in this has make it a business. Many countries have banned dog fighting, but it is still going on. Secret places are used for organising dog fighting. People travel long distances to compete. The money involved in bet is also a great reason for promotion of dog fighting.

How It Is A Shame For Society?

Dogs are the best gift from the God. They are Most Loyal Friend Of Our. We should realise that they too feel pain and they too suffer. Giving them a happy and healthy life should be our priority. Dog loves us blindly and we should also Love Him The Way He Loves Us.

What Is Required To Stop It?

Most important thung that is required to stop dog fighting is awareness. People should be make aware that it is inhuman and harmful for dogs. Second thing which is required is a strong law. A strong law is must to stop dog fighting.

Socail campaigns should be organised and whistle-blowers are must to identify the people involved in this cruel practice. Government and police should took serious steps to stop this. A process should be drafted to settle the dogs who are suffering from it.

Dogs are very loyal animals. They even go upto death for their owner. We should respect them. Using them for fighting make them suffer from pain of wounds and sometime leads to death. So as a true dog man do not let your dog use in dog fighting.

Dog Fighting - The Dark Face of Dog's Life

Dog Fighting – The Dark Face of Dog’s Life


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