Love him the way he loves you – Dog Love

Dog Love
Dog Love

Love him the way he loves you – Dog Love

Dog Love is unconditional, true and everlasting. One thing that you can never doubt on is the love of your dog. Even the science has disclosed the fact that dogs trust their owner more than themselves. So in this article we will discuss how we can show our love to this best gift from the God to human-kind. Here I am writing some ways to show your love to your dog.

1. Give time to play with him

Your dog loves you very much and he becomes crazy on seeing you. He wants to hug you, kiss you same like humans. This unconditional love should get reward. So fetch some free time for your dog. Give that time compeletly to your dog. Play with him, be crazy with him. I guarantee he will start loving you more.

2. Hold his head and rub his ears

Another way to love your dog is tubbing his ears. Just hold his head in your hands, politely rub his ears when you met him. This makes a dog relieved. He will becomd silent and will start to enjoy your activity. This will let you know how emotional your dog is. For them everything is their owner. They trust us blindly and must keeo their trust.

3. Hug him

When you meet your dog after some time you can watch how much he miss you in his eyes. Just hold him in your arms and show your emotions too. He will love it. This will also give you an emotional touch and sensation. So never miss the chance to hug your dog and express your love whenever you get the chance.

4. Feed him with your hand

Try this trick and your dog will start to love you more. Give him food by your hand. Dog loves that person most who feeds him daily, because he consider him his owner. So start feeding your dog with your hand. He will start to love you more. His activity on seeing you whenever you brought his food will give you a smile on your face.

5. Try to understand his emotions

Try to understand your dog’s emotions. They do not have capability to speak, but it is upon us that how much we care about them. An owner who love his dog easily understand his feelings. Try to understand his signs or activity on differenct occassions. You will start to understand what he is trying to say.

6. Take him on walks with you

This also very usefull way to love your dog. Going on walks with you makes him happy and also helps in socialzation of your dog. His fear from unknown things also demnish in this way. So take your dog with you for a walk whenever you get a chance.

7. Don’t let him alone for long periods

Dog not only loves a single person in family but to whole family. When he is alone he feels insecure. Whenever there is an outing plan don’t let your dog alone for long periods. This makes him insecure. Try to stay with him atleast one member of family.

8. Let them sleep with you

This also a great idea. Let your dog to sleep with yourself. This also shows the dog his importancd in your life. The basic behind this is giving him family like feeling. So let him sleep with you whenever their is a chance.

Dogs consider us their family. They trust us blindly, so we must keep their trust. Love them the way they love us. They never complain and they never demand, but I think that they deserve it paid back. So if you are ignoring their love for you start repaying it.

Love him the way he loves you

Dog Love

Dog love

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