Controlling The Temprament of Your Dog – Making Disciplined

Controlling The Temprament of Your Dog – Making Disciplined
Disciplined dog! Do you like it? Welcome friends! I am here with a new article on how to control temprament of your dog and make him a disciplined buddy. Many people talk to me about that their dog is not disciplined at all. When ever they get the chance they just destroy the things and make the conditions worst, so they have to keep them chained or in a cage so that they can control their mis-conduct. What si the reason behind a dog’s behaviour like this? Many reasons are there. Developing a discipline in dog is long process and start from his childhood, beacause it can not be developed in a single day.
If you want that your dog should be disciplined than start the process from childhood. Your voice should be command for him. Develop the habits in him that you like. Whats this process needs proper understanding of your dog and his nature.
Regular Check
Many people ignore their puppies, they do not care what he is doing, and let him do what he is doing. This is the biggest factor behind in-discipline. Dog should know his limitations. Keep a regular check on his activities and stop him from doinv anything that you suppose he should not do. This is the first chapter of making him disciplined. Like our children dogs in their puppyhood do no know what is right what is wrong, their only motive is to play with anything and everything that comes in their range. Regular check and stopping teach them their limits, when you keep this going he start to learn what he suppose to do.
Excessive Chaining
Many people keep their dogs chained or in cage so that they can avoid the destruction and inconvenience. But this is not the solution, he will make it whenever he gets the chance. Better option is to make him understand what are his limitations and what he suppose to do. Excessively chained dogs do not get enough time to play and they have enormous unused energy, that makes them either aggressive or in-disciplined. So do not keep him chained all the time. Keep an eye on him when you set him free, and make regular checks what he is doing. This will help him to understand what you want.
Command of Your Voice
Your dog should know that you are the master, and it’s his duty to obey his master. Your voice should be an order for him. Not with too much anger but with a affectionate order. When you will start to do work in this order he will start to love it. But don’t be too much in love with him when it comes to discipline. Take your voice to a louder tone whenever he break any rule. So regular check and command of your voice will help you to make him disciplined.
Time For Play
Give your dog appropriate time for play, so that his energy should get burned. Unused energy makes him crazy, and that results in destruction and in-discipline. When you will give him time to play and use his energy in your presence he will become calm and obedient. Excessive chaining can never bring discipline, it is a process that needs your supervision.
Your dog should know that you are the master. In each and every case he has to follow you. Loving a dog is a good thing, but let him do whatever he wants is not good at all. He is like the member of your family and he suppose to do that. Sometimes we ignore our dogs and do not let them meet with our friends and other dogs, this is also a reason behind in-discipline. Socialization is must. Take him out with you, let him interact with new people and places. Give him chance to meet with other dogs, I guarantee changes will come. He will be better socialized and will also start to understand his limits and duties.
So these are the some points that will help you to make your dog more disciplined and socialized. Dogs are part of our family and their behaviour should be like family member not like a monster.
Controlling The Temprament of Your Dog – Making Disciplined


Making Disciplined

Making Disciplined


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