Feeding Puppy – Complete Guide

Feeding Puppy

When we adopt a puppy there is a most important question that struck our mind, ‘ What should I feed him to make healthy?
‘ Is my diet is proper for his growth?’ over-feeding, less feeding etc. comes to our mind, specially when we are new. So in this article we are going to discuss Feeding Puppy.

1. First 45 Days

Accroding to me in initial days upto 45 days puppy should stay with his mother, because what he got from mother can never be replaced by anything else. But leaving everything on mother during these days is not wise at all.

These first 45 days are very crucial for a puppies growth. Any deficiency during this stage will never got cured during his life time. So feeding a puppy during first 45 days of his life is very important.

First 15 days of his life let the puppy on mother feeding, but the food of mother should have high quantity of protien, fat and other supplements. Because the food you are feeding the mother is indirectly diet of puppies.

From 15 to 30 days of puppies initial life start to teach him liquid consumption, like goat or cow milk, many canine milk products are also available in market. Because upto this time eyes of the puppies are open and their activity got increased. Amount of mother’s milk may not be enough for their daily requirement.

When a puppy is a one month old, it is the time for solid food. Add a puppy starter into his food. Mother feeding puppy should continue if mother has milk. Upto 45 days puppy will become self-reliantfor food. His daily schedule will start to develop, because during first 45 days puppy do not have any fix time and feeding frequency is very high.

2. From 45 to 90 Days

During this time puppy becomes full active, his activity got increased, his size gows day by day. So during this period he needs extra amount of food with high in protien and fat. I also prefer adding extra supplements for calcium, omega-3 and multivitamins.

The frequency of feeding puppy during this time should be five times a day. This is the time when puppy is at most crucial stage of growth. So I suggest a quality food at frequency of 4-5 hours. Try to fix the feeding time to develop good habits in your dog.

3. Three to Five Months

This period is also very crucial in a puppies growth. He start to learn basic things, his size got increased and activity went to peak of his life. Because during this time puppy loves to run here and there, his love for play got also increased. During this time I suggest feeding puppy 4 times in a day with high quality puppy starter food.

4. Five to Eight Months

During this period the puppy leads toward his actual size and weight, so should get the best food. Most of the growth in a dog’s life got completed by by first 8 months, though he grows upto 2 years. During 5 to 8 month of age a dog should get feed three times in a day. Food should have high amount of protien and fat.

So above we have discussed how a puppy should be feeded or feeding puppy during his first eight months of life. I hope this will help you to understand and draw your puppy’s feeding schedule.

Feeding Puppy

Feeding puppy

Feeding Puppy


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