Importance Of You In Your Dogs Life

Importance of you in your dogs life

You are hero for your dog. May you beat him, may you starve him, may you let him suffer from his pains etc. But in all conditions he will love you. You are everything for him.

He has blind love for you. This is the article where we will discuss about importance of you for your dog. Lets begin the discussion.

Owner is the founding stone of a dog. Dog is what an owner makes him. His habits, character alsmost everything has our influence on it. Here we will discuss about some basic things that has greatest influence of owner and are dependant on owner.

1. Basic Education

Basic things like sitting place, his bowl, diet time etc. Are part of your dog’s basic education. He gets what you give him. So try to build a discipline in all these activities so your dog can be socailized in proper manner.

A dog should know what is his role in family and it is we who tells about it. You can read our complete article on Basic Things A Dog Should Know. This will help you to make your dog more disciplined and socialized.

2. Habits

How your dog behave depends upon you. If you donot give him time for play he will become frustrated, if you do not control his energy he will become a un-control mad man. So try to build discipline in his activities so that his habit should not disturb others.

You should concentrate on Socializing Your Dog from very first day. This helps in developing a dog of your choice. A well socialized dog is loved by all.

3. Health

Health of a dog totally depends upon his owner. Proper vaccination, regular check-ups, proper diet all are important in dog’s life. So for a healthy dog a responsible owner is required.

An owner should be aware about Basic Signs Of Health in dog, he should get into action even after slightest change in dog’s behaviour. Many health issues are cured better if they are caught at initial stage as in later stages it is become difficult to cure them.

4. Neat and Clean

Your dog should be neat and clean if you want him to enjoy a healthy life. For this he depends upon you. Proper cleaning and time to time bath is required for your dog’s good health.

A bath keeps him clean and free from germs and many other instincts like fleas etc. Make a proper schedule of your dog for giving him bath and do all necessary cleaning.

5. Play Time

Your dog wants a time that he can enjoy. So giving him time to relax his mind and flex his muscles is required.

Give him time to play and it is better to get involved in it as it will benefit you too.

Playtime has great importance in dog’s life. You can also read our article on Importance of Playtime In Dog’s Life. Playtime has many other benefits like socialzation and health, so it is good to never ignore it.

6. Socailization

If you want that everybody should love your dog than its depend upin you. If you socailize him properly than naturally everybody will love him.

Socialization is tool to make a family dog. It tells him his limitations and make it easy to keep a dog in house. Owner has great role in socializing his dog.

7. Vaccination

Owner should take care of proper vaccination of his dog. Vaccination has great importance for a healthy dog, any ignorance can cause disaster. We have written a complete article on Vaccination In Dogs, you can also take help of it. Met your vet and prepare a proper schedule for vaccination of your dog.

Vaccination ks backbone of dog care, it saves dog from many life threatning problems that can cost even life of your dog.

8. Regular Vet Check-Ups

An owner should care about regular vet check-ups of his dog. Take your dog for regular health examine it helps in finding if there anything is wrong. You can also read our article on Making Your Dog Better, this will also help you in drafting a plan for improving your dog care.

Regular vet checks helps you in finding problems at their beggining and it is easy to cure them in initial stages.

9. Exercise

It is good thing to give some exercise to your dog. Exercise increases endurance as well as immunity of your dog and also helps in many other things like muscle building, socialization etc. We have already written an article on Benefits Of Exercise For Dog.

I am not asking you to give him enhanced level of exercise, but a light exercise is enough to keep him fit and fine.

10. Food

Food is the most important part of a dog’s life. It is the owner who decides what he has too eat and what to not. It is owner who makes Diet Plan and decides what he will serve him. Try to give a Balanced Diet to your dog. I always suggest Home Made diet for you dog, but canned dry foods have good result too. You can check our article on Best Dog Food Brand.

For dog everything is his owner. So be much responsible that your dog can enjoy his life.

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Importance Of You In Your Dogs Life

Importance Of You In Your Dogs Life

Importance of you in your dogs life

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