How to increase Grip or Jaw power of your dog

How to increase Grip or Jaw power of your dog

A pitbull lover also loves his long grips. The great holdong power of pitbull makes him king of the grip. They can make a tie for even hours. So every owner of pitbull like to increse his grip power. Many competitions are organised all over world to check grip power of pitbulls. In this article we are going to discuss how to increase the grip or jaw power of pitbull. Here-under we have mentioned some tips to increase jaw power of your dog to make longer grips.

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What Is Grip Or Jaw Power?

A grip or jaw power of a dog is capacity of a dog measured to find how hard or strongly he can bite or hold any article. In many places competetion are also held to check the grip power of a dog.

Which Thing Has Effect On It?

There are two things that have effect on jaw or grip power of dog. First thing is muzzle structure andsecond thing is body weight. A dog which has better and suitable muzzle structure will have better bit force than dog whose muzzle structure is not that good even both have same weight.

Can Be Improve It?

Next question here arises can be able to improve the grip or jaw power of dog than answer is yes. But keep in mind we can improve it upto some level mostly it depends upon the things like muzzle structure.

What Are The Ways To Improve It?

Now lets come to our main point i.e ways to improve grip or jaw power. Here-under we have discussed some points that are very helpfull for increasing it.

1. Spring Pole

Spring pole is a great exercise to increase jaw power of pitbull. This exercise not only increases his jaw power but it is also a whole body exercise. Speacially for lungs and neck. Normally dogs love this exercise and got use to it after initial training. Almost every owner is trying this exercise to increase his dog’s jaw power. So I would advise to try it to increase your dog’s jaw power.

Never exert too much pressure from first day, give your dog some time to be familiar with it and than increase the intensity of it. Any wrong step can cause defect in muzzle or teeth.

2. Food

Add minerals and calcium to your dogs food. Any weakness in his teeth will effect his ability to grip. So having good teeth is compulsory for gripping. With adding calcium and mineral in food bones and teeth will become healthy and jaw’s power of your dog will increase.

You can mever ignore the importance of food as food is the back bone of overall strength of dog. Give a good quality food rich in calcium. Calcium makes the teeth of a dog strong and they are the key behind a good grip power. Introduce chicken, chicken legs etc. to food of your dog.

3. Artificial Bone Chewing

Dogs love to chew bones and their this habit will help you to increase his jaw’s power. Many artificial bones are found in market. Using them can help you to increase jaw power of your dog. With chewing artificial bones other dental problems of your dog will also get cured. And almost every dog love those artificial bones.

You can also choose real bones of dead animals if available. If you are about to start the course for grip power increase than I would like to take it as first step. This will make teeth of your dog strong and he will be able to hold the things tight as it is also a great practice.

4. Tug of War

This exercise is also crucial to increase your dogs jaw’s power. In this two dogs are required. Both will hold a common article and will try to snatch from each other. In this way their whole body will get exercised and specially jaws as they have to hold that article tight. So this exercise is also very important to increase jaw power of your dog. This is also a play and your dog will love to perform it.

You can also take part in it to hold one side of article. I would like to suggest a soft article in starting and a rope when your dog becomes use to it. This is exercise that your dig will love a lot as it appears a play type.

5. Grip on tyre

Give your dog an old tyre. He will start to chew it. Tie that tyre some where at low height where your dog can reach. In this way you will be able to get your dog exercised. As this exercise is a fun for dog he will love to do it.

In starting use a tyre which is easy to hold in mouth. Also make sure tyre do not contain anything that can cut the mouth of your dog. In starting let your dog to stay on four legs, after that increase the height of tyre to come on two legs and if you find appropriate you can make him to hang on it while gripping.

6. Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is a tool that increases the overall endurance of your dog. It increases stamina and makes his body and neck stronger all these things helps in increasing grip power of dog. So giving your dog basic exercise is also a good option to increase his grip power. You can also read our article on Benefits Of Daily Exercise.

7. Dog Toys

You can also take of help many toys available for dogs. Dogs love to play with them and hold them in mouth and in this way you can improve their ability to grip. So dog toys are very important thing to increase the grip power of dog.

8. Hang A Tyre In His Cage

This is also a very usefull trick. Sply pick up a tyre that can easily come into your dog’s mouth and hang it inside his cage or place where he stays most of hia time. He will love to play with it and your purpose will get served.

9. Give Him Reward

It is good way to maintain gis interest in gripping. Whenever he makes a good grip give him reward and show him affection, he will love to do it again and you will get the best out of it. Always cheer up him during gripping timea and in the end of practice.

10. Work Constantly

You can never create a big difference in singal day consistency is must to succeed. Take your dog for gripping practice on regular basis for better results.

Above we have mentioned some points to increase your dog’s jaw power. Many other things like muzzle structure, dog’s willingness to perform etc. are major factors which effecr dogs jaw power. If you like to use your dog in gripping tournaments then check his back lines also and his jaw and body structure to. Because all above mentioned things will work only when your dog is ready to perform. These habits can be built from childhood of your dog. Because developing a habit for life needs proper training and time. I hope this will help you.
How to increase Grip/Jaw power of your dog
How to increase grip or jaw power

How to increase grip or jaw power

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