How To Increase Weight Of Your Dog

How To Increase Weight Of Your Dog

I have met many people asking same thing how to increase my dog’s weight? He is so thin and do not eat properly or any diet is not effecting his weight. So many points are responsible when your dog is under weight. In this article we will discuss them and will find a way to increase the weight of under-weight dog.

Ways To Increase The Weight:-

If you want to increase your dog’s wait you have to follow some steps, those are given here-under:-

1. Record Weight Of Your Dog

Before starting anything just note down your dog’s current weight, because we will only be able to check his growth if we know his current position. So first of all check your dog’s weight and note it down.

As the process proceed you have to mark the weight of your dog at different stages, this will help you to find whether you are going in right direction or not.

2. Consult a veterinarian

Take your dog to a clinic. Ask the vet to do his tests, so that he will be able to find the reason behind the weakness of your dog.

There are many things that you will come to know through a vet check up. Here I am giving some articles that will help you to understand the importance of vet check-up:-

1. Importance Of Regular Vet Check-Ups

2. Frequency Of Vet Check Ups

These articles will help you to understand how a vet can improve the health of your dog.

3. Determine your dog’s ideal weight

Every dog has its own capacity according to his structure, so consult the vet to find out Body Conditioning Score (BSC) of your dog. This will help you to know how much under-weight is your dog.

Sometimes we try to increase weight of our dog and un-knowingly makes him over weight. Over weight has many health dis-advantages and it is must to avoid over weight. So it is best to find BSC of your dog and work according to it.

4. Deworm your dog

Deworm your dog. Time to time deworming is very important for a healthy dog. If you have not done yet then go for it, because it is the major cause behind under-weight dogs.

Deworming has many benefits for your dog. I have written an article on deworming, you can check it here Deworming Guide For Dogs. Deworming is the must to do task for underweight dogs.

5. Exercise

Ensure your dog is getting appropriate exercise. Excessive or less both type of exercises are matter of concern. So check the daily routine of your dog.

I have written some articles on exercise of dogs, you can also check them here.

1. Benefits Of Daily Exercise

2. Building Muscle And Stamina

3. Simple Ways Of Exercise

4. Conditioning Or Exercise Plan

5. Benefits Of Daily Walk

These articles will help you in finding the ways to exercise and also will guide about planning of conditioning.

6. Diet Plan

The thing that will make the best difference is diet and you should have the proper diet plan for your dog. Prepare a diet plan that can fulfill all the requirements of your dog. For this I have written some articles which will be helpfull for you.

1. Choosing A Diet Plan

2. Balanced Diet

3. Home Made Diet For Dog

These articles will help you to create a diet that can satisfy the requirements of your dog. Preparing a diet plan requires lot of knowledge about your dog, his activity and ideal weight. Prepare a diet plan and also consult your vet about it.

7. Assess The Quality Of Food

Quality of your dog’s food is major factor behind his health. Check that your dog is getting enough fat and protien according to his daily requirement. Because poor quality food always lead to under-weight dogs.

There are two types of food raw food and canned food available for dogs. Raw foods need a proper understanding of dog’s requirement and if you are new than it is good to opt for canned food. But if you have knoledge enough to prepare a diet for your dog than raw food will give the best result. You can also check our article on Best Canned Dog Foods to find a food for your dog.

8. Food Of Your Dog’s Choice

Try to find out likes and dislikes of your dog. Many times your dog do not like one type of food than switch to another food. Regular rotation of food type also makes your dog’s interest in food.

You can also take the help of our article on How To Make Dog’s Food Interesting. This will help you to create the interest of your dog into food.

9. Supplement The Dog’s Food

Add the supplement to your dog’s food. You can also try human food on dogs. This also gives good result. Try to find out defecencies in your dog’s and try to add supplements for better results.

10. Add Water If Food Is Dry

Add lukewarm water to your dog’s dry food before serving. This helps in better digestion and result are good.

You can also choose wet foods available in market to have better results.

11. Improve Digestion

Digestion is the key behind a healthy and good weighing dog and I too give it importance. Try to improve digestion of your dog through liver tonic or natural sources like foods that boost digestion of dogs. For better understanding of concept you can also read our article on Ways To Improve Dog Digestion. This article will help you in understanding the whole concept in better way.

12. Some Other Things To Take Care

There are many other things that too needs your attention to increase your dogs weight like Dog Bath, Dog Care In Summer, making your dog safe through Vaccination etc. It is important to Give Him Love and also an wise owner should be aware about Signs That Tells Dogs Health. You have great Role In Dog’s Build Up. So it is important to care about these things also to increase weight of your dog.

Above I have tried to give some ways to increase your dog’s weight. I hope this article will help you to make your dog healthy and increase his weight. Keep visiting our site for more updates.
How to increase weight of your dog
Increase weight of your dog

Increase weight of your dog

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