The Most Loyal Friend Dog – How A Dog Is Beneficial To Have At Home

The Most Loyal Friend Dog – How A Dog Is Beneficial To Have At Home

Dogs are integral part of our life. Once who start to love than he will never stop to do so. They are cute, beautiful, energetic and loyal freinds. They will always be with you whatever will be the situation. You may forget them but dogs will never forget you. They even went upto sacrificing their lives for their owners. Here will discuss benefits of dogs.

A Dog

A dog is not an animal he is the most loyal friend of humans. Having a dog always gives you great benefits. Dog is integral part of human society and hetr we will discuss about the benefits of having a dog.

1. A loyal friend

Dogs are the most loyal freinds of humans. They do not have double face character. They always love their owner without any demand. We may beat them, starve them but their love will never decrease. Dog always stands with his owner no matter what the condition is. So if you are not having a dog than it is must to have one.

2. Charming

Dogs are as innocent as child. They will love you in the same way as you love your father. Their love is real. For them their owner is everything. They never complain you about your misconduct but always show you love. Whenever they will meet you they will show the signs of love and will only demand little attention in return. They try to please their owner upto their best.

The Most Loyal Friend Dog - How A Dog Is Beneficial To Have At Home

The Most Loyal Friend Dog – How A Dog Is Beneficial To Have At Home


3. Guard of your property

In day they try to entertain us, in night they guard us. Safety of their owner is their top most priority. Even sometime they sacrifice their lives for us. Whenever we have to go out we know that our dog is there to look after our property. A fear of dog also helps to prevent intruders. Dogs even guard our farms from unwanted animals.

4. Securing the nation

Now everybody is aware of ability of dogs. Now they are integral part of our national security. Their great ability to smell and hear is saving us from many national disasters. So dogs are also guiding are nation today. There are many stories where a dog has saved many lives due to great gifts he is embeded by the God. Finding the hidden terrorists, finding the hidden bombs and also finding are lost lover ones, dog plays an important role in it. Where human senses stops to work their senses comes to work.

5. A companion

Dog follow you whatever the path may be. During your play time, during your long walks and on many more ocassions they are your best companions. People who are staying alone or have to stay alone for most of their day I suggest them to have dog. This will completly change their life. They will get a companion who is always there for them.

6. Member of your family

They become member of your family. Hapiness of you and your family is their top priority. They never demand and they never complain but they always remain faithfull. When he enters our home for first time from than he becomes the member of our family. He consider us his family and give his best to please us. He cares for our feelings and understands our body language.

7. Workers

Dogs are workers for many. They are saving the farms, fields from intruders. In many cases they are also used for snatching purpose. For farmer families they have very importance in day to day work. In farms where there is always a problem from unwanted animals who ruins the farms dog are our best saviours. They guard our farms like wall and helps in getting more profit from our fields

8. Entertainer

Due to their ability to learn they are very good entertainers too. Many circus shows are showing dog’s performances. Which shows how intelligent they are. So they are also a entertainer. Whenever you reach your home, they will start to jump and run with joy in a way to welcome your home coming. They try their best to make you please.

9. Playtime Partner

Dogs are also partners of our playtime. They are always ready to play with us. They bring great charm to play with their great energy. You can play with a dog and enjoy his company.

10. Influence On Our Life

Dogs influence our life in many ways. They teach us great lessons if somebody notices it. They show us the courage to face every situation, they teach us to smile in every sutuation. They show how to love to others, they show how people our important for us. They our best teachers for greed less society. They are the best and most loyal friends.

Above mentioned points are not enough to describe their importance. When you start to love them you will feel what they are. They are the best gift to human by the God. They guard, they entertain, they work and most important they love. So I think adopting the most loyal friend of human is the best decision that I have ever taken. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

The Most Loyal Friend – Dog

The Most Loyal Friend - Dog

The Most Loyal Friend – Dog

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