How to make muscular, broad chest and bigger head pitbull

How to make muscular, broad chest and bigger head pitbull
Many people are searching for how to make muscular and  head bigger of your pitbull, how to make him borad chest and how to make him muscular. In this article we will discuss about these three things and will also discuss about many companies who sell products with false statements.
Main question what we have to under stand ‘What makes a dog bigger, broad chest, muscular and with big head, only one answer that I know is genetics or genes. A son is going to be like father or mother. If the parents are skiny than how it possible that their child will be a monster. Practically it is imposible. The size of dog depends upon his parents. Yes we can make it little better, but changing it compeletly is not practically possible.
With proper diet and exercise no doubt we can improve the size and muscles of dog, but it has limitations. Increasing the weight of dog from 18 kg to 30 kg is not possible at all, but we can make it 20 kg which is possible. So do not pay attention to luring advertisements claiming that their product can increase the size of your dog.
Actualy what we are watching nowdays on internet is monster like pitbulls, actualy they are not pitbulls. They are mix breeds. People breed pitbulls with large size breeds to incease their size. Actual pitbull has a maximum size of 21-22 inches and weight maximum 28-30 kg. 40 kg plus are not pitbulls at all.
Pitbull is breed which is famous for its stamina and enthusiasm and not for size. A pure type pitbull has a normal head size and weight. But we can make a pitbull muscular. Making a pitbull muscular needs proper diet, supplements and exercise. Many pitbulls are genetically muscular and hard like a rock.
If you want to make your pitbull muscular than you can make him with proper exercise. Swimming, running, spring pole, jumps etc. are many ways to make your pitbull muscular. But if someone says he can increase the skull size of your dog than it is totally false. He is just luring you to sell his products.
Many people use steroids to make their dog muscular and bigger in size. This way always leads toward a disaster. Steroids cause serious health problems in dogs and many time take them to death.
If you have a pitbull and want a pitbull with bigger head than switch to american bully, because pitbulls are not known fir bigger heads, they are known as working dogs. Pitbull is a medium sized breed and they have there own standard of purity. Thinking of a monster pitbull is simply destroying the purity. Many people cross pitbulls with american bullies for bigger heads, many breed with large size breeds to increase their size, but pitbull is pitbull. Anything mix with other breed is mixed not a pitbull.
There is no doubt you can make a normal pitbull muscular, but this required proper knowledge of the exercise, diet and supplements. Switching to steroids can never be justified. So if you want to make your pitbull muscular than plan a workout for him according to his ability and give him high protien rich diet. With exercise chest will also become broad.
So above we have clarify that pitbull is medium sized breed and making it monster is not possible. But muscles of a pitbull can be increased by proper diet and workout.
How to make muscular, broad chest and bigger head pitbull


Muscular, broad chest and bigger head pitbull

Muscular, broad chest and bigger head pitbull


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