Myths about Pitbulls – Finding the truth

Myths about Pitbulls
Many myths are circulating about pitbulls in society which are giving bad impression about this beautiful breed. People consider them aggressive and unsafe for humans, many countries even has banned this breed. But facts are different. Pitbull is a human friendly breed and they love the accompany of humans. In this article we are going to discuss about myths circulated about pitbulls.
1. Are pitbulls born aggressive ?
Many people think that pitbulls are born aggressive, this ia totally myths. Instead pitbull is a human friendly breed. According to American Temprament Test Society pitbulls have very high temprament passing rate 82.6%. No doubt pitbulls are largerly used in dog fights, but it is owner’s intension to make them aggressive. They love humans, but due to wrong interpretation of their beahviour they are consider aggressive dogs.
2. Is pitbull really that bad ?
Many countries have banned pitbulls considering them aggressive, but fact is different. Pitbull is a cool temprament breed, but their use for wrong purposes has put wrong impression about them in peoples mind. Intensive hardship for training to prepare for fight makes them aggressive, otherwise this breed is human friendly and like to stay with humans.
3. Why do pitbulls turn aggressive ?
The best reason behind this is dog fighting. They are kept in contineous hardship, they have to undergo physical torture, starvation, heavily chained etc. that makes them aggressive. Many owners also ignore their dogs major health problems that also makes them aggressive. Every dog can be made human friendly it is upon owner how he keep his dog. Pitbulls are not lucky enough. Due to high stamina and tolerance capacity they are used in dog fights.

4. Are pitbulls safe ?

Yes, off-course pitbulls are safe to kept at home. They are energetic, full of enthusiasm and love for humans. Pitbull is a human friendly breed and also friendly with children. Misunderstanding regarding this beautiful breed has make a fear in society toward pitbull, which is a wrong fact.

5. Do pitbull has locking jaws ?

This is also a wide spread rumour that pitbull has a locking jaws. But study regarding this shows that there is no such fact. Yes no doubt pitbull has very good gripping ability but myth about locking jaws is false.

So above we have discussed how society misunderstanding and circulating myths about pitbulls which are totally base-less. Pitbull is a very loyal ang human friendly breed. So don’t be panic that pitbulls are aggressive they are more lovable than any other breed.

Myths about Pitbulls


Myths about pitbull

Myths about pitbull


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