Pitbull – An All-rounder Breed

Pitbull – An All-rounder Breed
What does an All-rounder breed ? For me an all-rounder breed means the breed which serves the every aspect of his owner’s desire. Having a pet is natural desire of humans. Every human has his different expectations from his dog. Many choose breed for play, many for house guard, some for hunting and many for just show-off. There may be more reasons according to the choice of individual. Main point of discussion is this that can pitbull qualify as an all-round breed? Lets discuss it.
As a Guard Dog
A large number of people in society keep dog for the safety of their home and property. Dogs are natural guards and doing this from centuries. Some breeds of dogs are perfect for this job, and pitbull is one of this. Pitbulls are very good guard dogs.
Every one in this world needs a company and through out his life searches for a companion. Dogs are perfect option as a companion as they demand nothing and give their loyality for just love. Pitbull is human loving breed. They love to stay with their owner.
Adaptability means adapting to different persons and weather conditions. Pitbull has both these qualities. They easily adapt their selve to any new place and person. This give them a edge over other breeds.
Human Friendly
For being an all-round breed love with humans is compulsory. In this field pitbull gets a very high rating. They love humans and children. So they also qualify as a human friendly breed.
Every owner wants that his dog should distinguish himself from other dogs. Pitbull has muscular structure with athletcism that distinguish it from another breeds. Pitbull has very energetic appearance that appeals for love enthusiasm.
Can work
Pitbull has ability to work. Work means usefulness in guarding fields and diployment in hunting. Pitbull serves both these purposes. Pitbull is one of the best working breeds. Their stamina and structure are perfect for being a working dog.
Pitbull is a very intelligent dog breed. They learn quickly. So this proves their intelligency. An all-rounder dog should be intelligent enough to learn his basic day routine and rules.
Pitbull can play and make you refresh, he also guard your home, he know his role in house, he learn your commands, he adopt every weather, work with full of his capacity, remains energetic and has a wonderfull and cherish appearance, all the qualities an individual wants in his dog.
So from above discussion it is clear pitbull can play any role in his life. He can be companion, a guard, a play time partner, worker on the field, having a great appearance etc. All these qualities makes pitbull a perfect all-rounder dog, beacause he can play any role assigned to him. So if you are searching for a dog who can get fit to every job than you have a great option ‘Pitbull’.
Pitbull – An All-rounder Breed





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