Pre-breeding – Preparing for the breeding

Pre-breeding – Preparing for the breeding

Breeding a female dog is a task of great knowledge and care. We have to take care of not only single life but of many. So before going for it first of make your mind after thinking about your resources and knowledge this is called Pre-breeding. Increasing the number of dogs is another thing but producing quality dogs required a proper deep knowledge of subject. So after considering all these things if you are ready to go for it than you have to understand the reproduction cycle of dogs.

Pre-breeding is the process prior to breeding. Suppose you have female dog and you want to have litter, this is the first step of breeding. Than you search for a male dog and all the other things that a proper breeding required. You can read our article Complete Guide For Dog Breeding for detailed information.

So coming to the point of pre-breeding, you need a proper planning, which helps you to produce quality puppies without much problems. It starts from vaccination and ends at mating. You should also check our article for knowing is your female is ready for breeding, link of the article is here Minimum Age, Weight And Required Health For Breeding Female. Here is the complete guide:-

I have divided the pre-breeding into four parts.

A. Health Of Female

B. Heat Cycle

C. Deciding A Male

D. Mating Day

A. Health Of Female

In this we will do all the neccesary work related to health of female which is required for a healthy litter.

1. Female Age

First thing before deciding to go for breeding think about age of your female dog. Is she is mature enough and physically ready to go for breeding. Many female dogs come into heat as early as six months of age, but it is not good to breed them at this age, as it will not be good for puppies as well as female. Let her attain the age of minimum 15 mknths and have adequatr weight for breeding.

2. Vaccination

If you have decided to breed your female than first of all vaccinate her. Vacvination is very important part of pre-breeding. It is important for mother as well as puppies too. Puppies for their first six weeks depends upon immunity of their mother. For detailed information on vaccination you can visit our article Vaccination In Dogs. So if you are planning to breed your female first of all do vaccination to make her safe.

3. Deworming

If you think that heat cycle of your female is near and she will come into heat in one month than de-worming is very important at this time. I suggest to avoid deworming during heat cycle and pregnancy period, so it is better to do it well in time.

3. Visit Your Vet

Next thing you should is make an appointment with your vet. Consult him everything about breeding. Also ask him to do health check-ups of your female to find out whether she is physically ready to have a litter. Sometimes we think that our female is ready for breeding at the age of 8-9 months, but even if she appears to be developed but she is not ready for it. Give her time to get fully developed.

B. Heat cycle:-

Heat cycle in female dog is the time before mating, some common points to identify female in heat is here-under:-

# Size of vagina got increased

# Blood discharge from vagina

# Attraction toward male dogs

Best sign of heat cycle of a female dog is expanded size of vagina and blood discharge through it. Heat cycle is divided into three parts:-

A. Bleeding Time

B. Stopped Bleeding

C. Flagging

A. Bleeding Time

It is the initial stage of heat cycle. In this size of female vagina get increased and blood starts coming from it. It continue for 9 to 11 days.

B. Stopped Bleeding

It is the second stage of heat cycle. In this blood discharge got stopped. Many people become confuse and mate their females during this time, but it is not the right time to mate a female dog. The right time to mate a female dog is flagging period.

C. Flagging

It is the time when female is ready for mating. She become attractive toward male dogs and they too become attractive to her due to smell of her vaginal discharge. It is the high fertlity time and right time to do mating.

C. Deciding a perfect male:-

The most important part is deciding a male for mating. Because this decides what will result of this whole process. Your decision should help to improve the quality of breed. The male which selected for breeding should be at best of health. All the check-ups regarding his health should be got done.

D. Mating

Female is in last stage of heat i.e in flagging period and you have decided to mate her with a perfect dog than it is the time for mating. I recommend two nodes for a successful breeding. As many times single node is not enough for successful breeding. Nodes should have 48 hour difference between them for best results.

So these four factors that one should have in mind before going for breeding.

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Pre-breeding – Preparing for the breeding

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