Pregnancy Period of Female Dog – Understanding All The Stages

Pregnancy Period Of Female Dog

Every female when she is pregnant require lot of love and care she may be human or may be dog. The life of her child depends upon her care. Standard time for a female dog’s pregnacy is 63 days or 9 weeks. A good owner should be aware of the needs of his dog. In this article we will discuss about the pregnancy period of female dog and will try to understand what kind of care she requires during that time.


As already discussed in Pre-Breeding article health of the dog should be good before going for breeding. In pre-breeding we look for the health of the female and other facetors like age, wait etc. You can also visit our article Age, Health And Weight For Female To Enroll In Breeding. Never take in decision in hurry if you want to produce good quality puppies.

Heat Cycle

First stage of actual breeding is heat cycle. It lasts for 15-18 days. The sige of females vagina got increased and also bloody discharge come through it. It stops after 9-11 days. After this fertility period of female starts. You can also check our article on Complete Breeding Guide.


Mating should take place two days after the blood discharge has stopped. This time is highest fertile in heat cycle of female dog. Chances of getting concieved are highest during this period.


Fertilization occurs in dogs after 48 to 72 hours after mating and after 10-12 days eggs become fertilized. Noticing this process is impossible but little fatigue or slight loss of appetite can be noticed during this period. After 14-15 days nipples start to grow. Even in false pregnancy this can occur, so it should not be consider as a pregnancy sign.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

After a month since insemination dog’s embryos will be walnut sized. Dogs womb start to grow and now pregnancy of female can be noticed. But if the number of puppies are less than you have to wait for some more days to see these changes. But in most of the cases pregnancy can be detected after 35 days of mating. Nipples of female starts to grow, size of womb get increased and she starts to become lazy in morning. During night puppies increases their size most, which is the reason of morning sickness in female dog.

Growth Of Puppies

As earlier discussed a one month old puppy embryo has a size equal to walnut. No discrimination in body parts can be seen. From here actual growth starts. Size of puppy starts to grow rapidly. In night time when female is at rest size of puppies grow the most. This also cause Morning Sickness in females as increasing size of puppy cause pain and they feel sick during morning. By 45 days all parts of puppies got developed but there coat is not developed even at this time.

Now the only work left is increase of size and coat development. Puppies got coat by 50-54 days. At 54 days puppy is ready to take birth and his movement got starts in womb. You can notice that movement when female is resting. But for healthy puppies it is must that they should stay in womb for 63 days. Now in last days size and wight of puppies got increased. After 54 days if born all puppies are not able, it is must that they should complete their development before taking birth.


When you are able to see that female is pregnant than it is the time to increase food rations and their frequency. High in protien and fat food is best during this time. Do not put extra food in one time instead give food after short intervals.

I suggest puppy starter food during this period. You can visit our article Feeding A Pregnant Female Dog.

Stage Before Delivery

After two months since insemination the puppies heart beat on their own and their limbs are almost fully grown. This is the time when they are ready to take birth. The first sign that dog is about to deliver is when it’s rectal temperature drops to 98 degrees. She start to refuse food and start to find the perfect place for her delivery. The search for delivery place is also called nasting. This is sign that dog starg during the last stage of pregnancy. In last stage of pregnancy you can also see the movement of puppiea inside dog’s womb.


Last stage is delivery. Dog finds the best place where she feel comfort and deliver her puppies. The time difference between one puppy and another is normally 20-30 minutes, but in many cases it can be longer. Try to stay with your dog during time because your support can help her to save her puppies.
So this is the whole process of female dog’s pregnancy. She needs our care, love and support during this period.

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