Knowing Health Of Your Dog – Respiration and Temperature of Dogs

Respiration/Temperature of Dogs
Being an owner we should we aware of our dogs health. Basic check-ups are required to keep your dogs healthy and prevent any major disease. Two basic things in dog’s health are:-
1. Respiration
2. Temprature
1. Respiration
Dogs at rest have a normal rate of 10 to 35 breath per minute. To check your dog’s respiration count his chest movement for 15 seconds and multiply by four to get total number of breathes per minute. An average dog at rest takes 24 breathes per minute.
High or low respiratory rate is matter of concern. High respiratory rate is signal of anemia, heart failure etc. And low respiratory rate may be due to a shock. So, a wise owner always takes care of his dog’s respiratory rate.
A dog’s normal temprature is 100 to 102.5 degree Farenheit. New born pups have a temprature of 94 to 97 degrees. It took them to about a month to come to normal tempreature. High or low temperature is a serious issue always. Taking daily or frequent note of dog’s temperature is must


Low temprature leads to Hypothermia. Symptoms of Hypothermia are as under:-
1. Heat seeking
2. Shivering
3. Weakness
4. Mental Depression
5. Shallow Breathing
6. Hypotension
7. Lethargy
High temprature leads to Hyperthermia. Symptoms of Hyperthermia are as under:-
1. Panting
2. Dehydration
3. Excessive Drooling
4. Increased body temperatue above 103 degree
5. Reddend gums and moist tissues of the body
6. Less or no urine
7. Sudden Kidney failure
8. Rapid heart rate
So above we have discussed to basic heart points of dogs. A good owner keeps record of his dogs respiratory rate and temprature. Knowing the basic of these two things an upcoming disaster can be checked. And also your dog enjoys a good life if you are aware of his health problems and took the neccesary action to sort out them.
Respiration/Temprature of Dogs
Respiration and temperature

Respiration and temprature


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