Socialization of Your Dog – The Need of Hour

Socialization of Your Dog

Dogs are part of our family. Their behaviour toward other people depends upon how we socialize them. Socialization of your dog is very important part of his life. A well socialized dog is easy to kept at home. So the socialization of dogs is very important. In this article we will discuss how we can socialize our dog.

The process of dog’s socialization starts from childhood. A good owner knows how to make his dog familiar with new things. As puppy everything dog has curiosity about everything that he saw in this world. He tries to touch each and everything and try to play with it. Sometime this habit can causs a big disaster to puppies. So a responsible owner should keep a regular check when the puppy is playing. Don’t let the puppy alone in house when you are going out. If it is neccesary to go out then keep him on cage. Try to stop him those things which you don’t suppose to do him.

Regular checks and stopping from unwanted task teaches him his limitations. Dogs are very intelligent if they are taken in proper way. They learn things quickly. So from childhood start the puppy to teach about his rest place, home, food bowl etc. this will help you to enhance his ability to socialize. Many owners ignore the socialization of puppy from childhood, that cause them lot of problems, because socialization is long process that should start from childhood.

Your authority over dog should be extreme. He should know that his acts will be decided by you. Your voice should have all the tunes for him, reward for good work and punishment fear for wrong works. Punishment should not be physical, only fear through louder voice is enough for a puppy to identify your mood. They are very intelligent and understand our mood too.

Take him on walks with you, let him met new people and dogs during walks and outing. This helps to make him familiar with new things and also erases fear of many things. Dogs that are kept at homes and don’t let to go out or met with new people and dogs have fear about them. They sometimes become aggressive and some time become terrified and their fear about new people make them discomfirtable.

Dog should know where he has to sit and sleep. Also give him a name and always call him by it. Givinv a name is also an important part of socialization. This helps you to call him or to realize him that things are about him. So give him a name.

Take him for play. Playing releases lot of pressure from mind and also burn their energy. Taking them for play helps them to be relaxed and burn their energy. When we don’t let a dog burn his energy he start to become aggressive or disobidient. So taking a dog for play is also a good thing to make him socialize. During play he also learn many things and become more friendly.

So above have talked about some points about how to socialize a dog. Socialization of a dog depends upon owner. Many beat their dogs, keep them chained for all the day, deprive them from food, ignore their illness etc. All these things develop fear in a dogs mind. He stays unknown to outer-world. That makes him aggressive with new people.

So if you want to make your dog socialized than treat him woth love and care. Consider him like a child to whom the world is new. Dogs are member of our family and a socialized dog is like a companion.

Socialization of Your Dog




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