Understanding Dog and his Health

Understanding Dog and his health
Loving your dog and understanding dog are two different things, but both are inter-connected. Understanding a dog starts with loving a dog. So if you love your dog surely you will start to understand him, his likes, dislikes, nature and reaction on any type of event. How understanding  dog will help you? This is our topic of discussion today. Understanding means to know his needs, health issues etc. These things gives you sign of any irregularity in his health that helps you to give him a health and life. So lets start the topic.
I have pointed out somethings that will help you to understand and uplift the health condition kf your dog.
1. Irregular Behaviour
Many times our dogs start to behave irregular or abnormal, like barking without any cause, becoming aggressive on humans or dogs. For example let I have a dog who is normally friendly with humans and other dogs, but sometimes show his aggression during play time or just in normal times, this happens when he has some problem related to his health. For example he may be suffering from any ailment and due to that he is suffering from pain, and when someone touches that part or cause which makes him pain he become aggressive. Many times it may be fear of getting pain by a touch that makes him aggressive. So if your dog was otherwise a friendly dog and now has started abnormal behave please find whether he is having anu ailment.
2. Loosing Weight
I have heard from many people ” My dog was healthy but from last few months he is losing weight and becoming thin.” Friends this may be a serious issue. Many times if we ignore deworming than our dog start to lose weight. If you noticed that your dog is suffering from this problem than first of all do deworming. But if problem still exists your dog needs more attention. Please make an appointment with a vet and get your dog checked. Ignoring this problem can cause serious issues.
3. Needs Your Company or Hiding Himself
If your dog never let his self alone, and he always needs a companion than my friend he is suffering from something. He may be going through fear or depression that makes him insecure when he is alone, so that is why he always try to be with someone. If your dog is doing this than he needs your love and company to overcome this problem. He may also be suffering from any health issue. So if your dog is behaves like this than find out the reason. Sometime due to depression or due to fear of a particular thing he start to hide himself. So being a good owner try to understand the behaviour of your dog.
4. Refusing Food
This may be due to two reasons. First is illness and second is not liking that food. If your dog has started to refuse food or is not eating all his food than kindly look into matter. He may have any health issue. Sometimes dogs start to refuse a particular type of food due to his dislike for that taste. So if you like that your dog should have interest in his food than have a rotational diet plan for him and try to choose the food of his choice.
5. Making Noises
Many dogs continuously start to make noise. The reason behind this may be their pain. Due to stomach or may be of any other type pain dog start to making noise. If your is doing that than take him to vet. He is suffering from a health related problem. When pain is unbearable dog start to make noise due to it.
6. Not Interested in Play
If your dog normally likes to play with you or dogs but now has stopped it than matter is related to his health. He is suffering from a problem and needs your attention. A good owner easily finds the normal behaviour changes of his dog, that helps him to find out the cause and cure for it.
If you love your dog and wants that he should enjoy a better healthy life than start to learn and understand his habits. Find out his likes and dislikes. He reaction toward any action or cause, his normal food amount and likes, his play time activities. Also try to find out whether there is any change in his from past, understading all this will help you to make your dog healthy.
Understanding Dog and his health


Understanding dog

Understanding dog


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