Vaccination In Dogs – Making Him Safe And Increasing Immunity

Vaccination In Dogs – Making Him Safe And Increasing Immunity

When you bring a puppy to your home he totaly depends upon you. As a puppy he is prone to many diseases. Saving him from life threatning diseases is our responsibility. Any mistake can cost his life. So you should be aware of the diseases that are life threatning for your puppy. Immunity of a puppy is very low and they are highly prone to diseases and viruses. They easily get infected. A core vaccination is required to save them from unwanted disaster. A list of those diseases is as under:-

1. Bordettela Bronchisepetca

It is also known as Kennel Cough. It is highly contagious virus and can be passed on from one dog to another. If you like to read about it in detail you can visit our article from this link Bordettela Bronchisepetca.

2. Canine Distemper

It is a virus that affects dog’s respiratory, central nervous and gastrointestinal systems. It is also a contagious virus and can be passed on through saliva, urine and blood. You can also check our article on canine distemper by visiting this link Canine Distemper.

3. Canine Hepatitis

It is caused by adenovirus CAV-1, a type of DNA virus that affects respiratory tracts. It is also a contagious disease of dogs. We have also written an complete article on Canine Hepatitis In Dogs you can also check that.

4. Canine Parainfluenza

It is a virus which is behind Kennel Cough in dogs. It is non-life-threatening and is similar to cold virus and mild in nature.

5.Corona Virus

It is highly contagious virus that affects intestinal tract of dog. We have written an complete article on it, you can visit it by following this link Corona Virus.

6. Heartworm

Heartworm is a deadly parasite which is transmitted by mosquitos. It is not contagious in nature. You can check our complete article by visiting this link Heartworm In Dogs, it will provide you better understanding.

7. Kennel Cough

There are several viruses behind kennel cough like bordettela bronchispetca and canine parainfluenza etc. It is mild type disease and can be cured by dog itself, but for puppies it can be life taking. You can visit our complete article on Kennel Cough.

8. Leptospirosis

It is disease caused by laptospira bacteria, which is common all around the world. It is highly contagious and zoonotic. Zoonotic means it can be transmitted from dogs to humans. You can check our complete guide on Leptospirosis

9. Parvovirus

A deadly and highly contagious disease, which is terrifying for every dog owner. It can kill a dog as fast as in three days only. You must check our article on Parvovirus In Dogs to make your dog safe.

10. Rabies

I don’t think rabies needs any introduction. A deadly and highly contagious disease which kills a dog in 10 days only. It is must that you should read our complete guide on Rabies In Dogs to make your dog safe.

All above mentioned diseases are life threatning to your puppy. A proper vaccination is required to save your puppy from these diseases. Boosters and Titers are also required during their lifetime to prevent all these.

So after knowing all these things many question arises in our mind. Lets discuss about them.

What Is Vaccination?

What is vaccination a common question arises in our mind. Same as human children are prone to many diseases and they have to provide immunity to save them from diseases, similarly dog’s puppies are too prone to many life threatning diseases listed above and they too need immunity to be safe from it. The process of increasing immunity of dog by outward sources and medicines is called vaccination.

It is necessary to provide a shield to your dog for a better healthy life and this article is completely about it. We will try to give give all the solutions to your questions through this.

Why It Is Required?

As a puppy your dog is prone to many diseases and viruses who are life threatening for him. It is the process that provides immunity to your dog to fight with them. So vaccination is required to make your dog safe from all these life threatening problems.

It needs lot of hardwork to maintain the good health of your dog. Disease may be of mild nature, but it can ruin all your hardwork in one or two days and your dog has to suffer too. So it is must that you should become relaxed about health of your dog making him secure against deadly diseases. Although it can never be said that vaccination eleminates all the chances of getting infected by the problem, but still it helps upto a great extent in preventing the problem.

What Is Immunity?

Immunity is a power that helps to guard our or our dog’s body from unwanted health problems. It is a power that helps to fight agains infection, disease and all other unwanted biological invasion. It is a key thing to keep us and our dog’s healthy. So it is an inbuilt power of our body to safeguard against health problems.

It works as a shield to safeguard our dog’s system from getting infected. Through vaccination we boost the power of immunity in our dog’s body and helps in preventing many deadly diseases upto great extent.

Is There Any Other Way To Increase Immunity Of Dog?

No doubt best option to increase the immunity of a dog is vaccination. But still there are some other ways that too helps in better immunity. They are as under.

1. Exercise

Giving your dog regular exercise helps in improving his immunity and endurance. You can read are article on Benefits Of Daily Exercise. This will help you to understand it in better way.

2. Food

A good quality food also helps in improving immunity of your dog. A Balanced Diet is great source to make your dog internally strong.

3. How You Keep

The way you keep your dog also affects his immuninty. A dog who gets Regular Vet Check Up, Best Food, Regular Bath etc. normally has good immunity. Keep your dog at a place that suits him and reduce gis contact with un-vaccinated dogs.

Role Of Ancestors On Immunity

Ancestors have great role in immunity of dog, specailly mother and father. So properly inquire about medical history of mother and father as it will directly effect the immunity of puppy.

Find if mother or father is prone to specific infection as it increases the chances of puppy being got infected by that problem. If mother and father have any problem related to their health than it is must to give vaccination to puppy to boost immunity against that specific problem.

So medical history of mother and father has great role in immunity of a puppy and vaccination should be given according to immunity of mother and father.


When you adopt a puppy you should be aware about his vaccination background. Do he had been vaccinated against all the diseases or not. Make a proper schedule after discussing your vet. You can also visit our article Basic Care Of Puppy for learning what are those points to whom you have to consider after adopting a puppy.

You can arrange the Regular Vet Check-Ups for your dog and consult your vet for setting up Schedule For Vet Check-Ups. This will help you in prepare and execute vaccination in dogs.

It is must to prepare a shcedule and follow it properly, as vaccination is the key behind healthy dog. Problems like parvovirus can kill a dog in just three days, but if your dog is vaccinted chances if getting infected become too less.

Role Of Mother’s Immumity

Mother’s vaccination has a great role in puppy’s life. For first six weeks a puppy depends upon the immunity of his mother. If she is not properly vaccinated than it is a matter of great concern. Any life threatning disease can caught your puppy. So inquire if the mother was vaccinated when you adopt a puppy.

If you are planning for breeding than it is your responsibility to give vaccination to female. You can also check our article on Preparing For Breeding for more details.

If you are Choosing A Puppy properly inquire about the health of mother and also check her vaccination record. In this way you will become sure about health of puppy.

What Puppy Needs

Your puppy needs core vaccination to prevent above mentioned diseases. DHLPP is the solution for it which includes vaccination for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. It combines all the necessary immunity boosters to increase immunity of your puppy and make him safe.

Many brands are offering it and you can consult your vet for best available brand in your region. Novibac, Intas etc. are some common and good brands for it. It should be given as advised by your vet.

When you adopt the puppy take him to vet for vet check up and consult about his present health. Decide the future course of action and follow it as adviced by your vet.


Puppies also need time to time boosters after core vaccination. Boosters are used to boost the immunity of your puppy and make core vaccination more effective. In short words you can say booster means repeating vaccination. It is necessary to give a booster after a year.

It also necessary when you are planning for a breeding. As above I have mentioned role of mother’s immunity in puppy’s initial life.

At many places I have read that boosters are not much important, but for me it is must to eliminate every chance your dog’s getting infected. So it is must that you should give him vaccination boosters.

Boosters can be given as below:-

# One Year Following Last Dose


2. Rabies

# Annually

1. Bordatella

2. Leptospira

3. Lyme

4. Canine Influenza

Process Of Vaccination

The process of vaccination starts as early as 6 weeks puppy and continue upto 16 weeks. Time to time visit to your vet and regular check-ups are required to prevent these diseases. The effect of your region and country can never be denied. Cosult your vet for beat solutions and brands available for this process.

The real process starts even prior to birth of a puppy. For first 6 weeks of his life a puppy is dependant on immunity of his mother. Female you choose for breeding should be fully vaccinated otherwise puppies will be at risk. You can follow the schedule give here-under:-

# 6-8 Weeks – DHPP and Canine Influenza

# 8 Weeks – Leptospira, Bordatella and Lyme

# 10-12 Weeks – DHPP, Leptospira and Lyme

# 12 Weeks – Rabies

# 14-16 Weeks – DHPP

Here DHPP means vaccine for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus.

Source – AAHA ( American Animal Hospital Association)


Vaccination is the process of making your dog safe. It saves him from life threatening viruses and illness and makes a happy puppy. Vaccination is also a safeguard for owner too, it also reduces the chances of infection from dog to his owner. So vaccination is must to do if you want your puppy to have a good life.

It makes you relaxed upto some point as it saves your dog from many life threatening problems. Although we can not say that it makes your dog fully saved but still chances of these problems become very less.

How To Get Best Out Of Vaccination?

You want to increase immunity of your dog through vaccination and result you expect should be visible. To get best out of vaccination it is must to follow some rule:-

# Set up vaccination schedule

# Consult your vet to prepare a schedule

# Execute it as adviced by vet

# Find the best product available

# Use other ways like exercise and food to increase immunity

# Keep a regular eye on dog

# Never make changes in vaccination schedule

# Give boosters as per vet advice

These steps will help you to get best results out of vaccination.


Vaccination is a must to do task to give a healthy life. Follow your vet and his advice and keep a regular eye in your dog and look for the any possible problem related to his health. Immunity of a dog is key to his health, so maintain it high.

So if you want that your puppy enjoy his puppyhood and stay healthy than a proper vaccination is must. Dogs are members of our family and their health should be our topmost priority as they depend upon us for their every need. If you want to read more articles like this keep visiting or site.

Vaccination In Dogs

Vaccination In Dogs

Vaccination In Dogs – Making Him Safe And Increasing Immunity

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