Which Is The Best Dog Food Brand Available In Market – Feeding Your Dog The Best

Which Is The Best Dog Food Brand Available In Market – Feeding Your Dog The Best

Feeding a dog is a great matter of concern. You should have proper knowledge of requirement and needs of your dog and also awareness about his like and dislike. After knowing all these things you will be able to choose a food which suits best to you dog. If you are searching for how to choose a perfect diet plan for your dog than you should visit here Choosing a diet plan for dog and if you want to made a good food for your dog at home than you should visit here Home Made Diet For Your Dog and further if you want to know a perfect balanced diet for your dog than you should visit here Balanced Diet For Your Dog. These three articles will help you to create a mindset about your dog’s requirements and will also help to choose the best suitable food for him.

So lets start the discussion What Make A Dog Food Good simple one word answer is ingredients. Food which has better ingredients will produce better results. What always keep in mind taste and like-dislike of your dog before choosing a dog food.


A dog food should contain natural protien and fat. And if you want the best food than main ingredient should be meat in food. Chicken or any other meat are best for dogs, foods with main igredients show lower results than foods who has main ingredient chicken or meat. Minimum protien amount should be 25% and fat should be minimum 15%. Foods having lower amount of these both ingredients will not serve your purpose accordingly. So ingredients of a dog food are must be checked before deciding the food. An owner should also check these 10 points before buying a food for his dog:-

1. There should be no suspicious or controversial ingredients

2. Avoid chemical and/or artificial preservatives

3. Must not contain artificial flavorings or coloring agents

4. The absense is must of unknown or anonymous ingredients

5. Doesn’t contain foul ingredients and generic animal fats

6. Has ratio between fat and protein that’s 60-80% (or lower)

7. Has high protein percentage and high quality protein source

8. Has medium to low amount of carbohydrates and grains

9. Has met most of AAFCO and organizational requirements

10. Has a disclosure of manufacturing location and ingredient sources

Coming to the question Which Is The Best Dog Food Brand Available In Market ? Than there is no single word answer. It vary from dog to dog and on weather conditions. Lets start with best international brands.

Top Six International Brands Of Dog Food And Their Ongredients

1. Merrick

Protien – 43%

Fat – 19%

Carbohydrates – 30%

Crude Fibre – 3.9%

Calory – 381 kcal/cup

2. Nature’s Variety

Protien – 39%

Fat – 22%

Carbohydrates – 31%

Crude Fibre – 3.9%

Calory – 499 kcal/cup

3. Taste Of The Wild

Protien – 32%

Fat – 17%

Carbohydrates – 43%

Crude Fibre – 5.6%

Calory – 370 kcal/cup

4. Wellness Core

Protien – 38%

Fat – 13%

Carbohydrates – 41%

Crude Fibre – 6.7%

Calory – 421 kcal/cup


Protien – 33%

Fat – 13%

Carbohydrates – 45%

Crude Fibre – 4.4%

Calory – 501 kcal/cup

6. Orijen

Protien – 42%

Fat – 20%

Carbohydrates – 30%

Crude Fibre – 5.7%

Calory – 449 kcal/cup

So these are top international brands. They are costly and not easily available in all world. Now lets talk about Indian Dog Food Brands, although they are not originally Indian brands but they are most popular brands in India.

Top Three Dog Food Brands In India

1. Drools

Drools is the top brand in India. Many people consider that Royal Canin is better than Drools, but if look at the igredients than main content of Drools is chicken and Royal Canin has rice. But the thing behind leading the market is quality of products used in food and there Royal Canin leads. Drools has problem in it as it uses by-products in it’s formula.

Ingredients Of Drools

Main ingredient of Drools is chicken and percentage of ingredients is given below:-

Protien – 30%

Fat – 22%

Crude Fiber – 1.8%

2. Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a good dog food and leader in Indian market but the weakness in it is that its main ingredient is rice. A dog food must have chicken or meat as first ingredient. But the results are still very good and it is very popular in India as it use high quality products in it and no by-product is used. Second reason of leading is as it is age specific. Percentage of ingredients is as under:-

Protien – 32%

Fat – 18%

Crude Fibre – 2.50%


Pedigree is also a renowed brand all over world. It is also one of the top brand in India. Main ingredient of pedigree is chicken. Percentage of ingredients is as under:-

Protien – 27%

Fat – 11%

Crude Fibre – 3.0%

I hope this article will help you to decide a food product which suits him. For more articles like this keep visiting us. You can also check our article on Royal Canin Vs Drools Vs Pedigree.

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