Things We Should Care About New Born Puppies Of Your Female Dog

Things We Should Care About New Born Puppies Of Your Female Dog

In this article we are going to discuss about new born puppies and their care. Breeding is a task of great responsiblity. Keeping and adult dog is a easy task, but when it comes to breed a female dog than it is a task of great care and responsibility. Before going forward you should know about basic things that you should keep in mind before doing a breeding. You should know about following things.

1. Preparing for Breeding

2. Pregnancy Period

3. Feeding a Pregnant Female

4. Importance of Mother in Puppy’s Life

So if you are awre of above given points then you should opt for breeding. Because here you will have responsibility of many lives, so think twice and make yourself prepare for this work.

Female Health Prior To Breeding

For first 6 six weeks new born puppies depends upon immunity of their mother, so be carefull that your female dog is properly vaccinated. Many time we ignore this thing and as a result of this we have to face disasters. So make sure that mother of upcoming puppies is healthy and vaccinated. This task included in pre-breeding but I am focusing on it as it has great importance in puppies upcoming life

Keeping Puppies

Clean and germ free environment is must for keeping new born puppies healthy. During their early days their only task is to drink milk and sleep. They do not know how to and where to make their necessary work like bathroom etc. So keeping them clean is our responsibility. If we do not keep their place there are chances of infection or many other health related issues. Keep changing those clothes that are used to keep puppies. Also wash those clothes with anti-germ soap or shampoo.

Keep their place dry also. Wet place cause rashes in puppies. Keep a regular check where you keep puppies so that any unwanted problem should be averted. You can also clean the skin of puppies with a soft cloth. Never give them a bath at an early age. Skin of puppies is very soft at this age, so avoid using any anti-tick product on mother too. Keeping mother clean is also a thing to look after. Give her bath if necessary, but never immidiately after delivery. Wait for 2-3 days to give her a bath if you feel she is fit. After delivery she gets wet by fluid and blood came out of her during delivery, clean that with a soft cloth wet with lukewarm water.

Deworming of Mother

Mother dog try to keep her new born puppies clean and during this time she eats their latring too. This increases the risk of worms in her. Any threat to her health is directly related to health of puppies. So regular deworming is required for mother. Secondly we do not have option to deworm puppies directly at this age, but the problem of worms is very serious for them. When we deworm a mother puppies automatically got deworm as they got medicine through their mother’s milk and when a mother’s milk is germ free their health will also flourish. So dewroming mother at regular intervals is compulsary.

Diet of Mother

Diet of mother is indirectly diet of new born puppies. Give high in protien and fat diet to mother. You can also add calcium to it. But keep in mind never give calcium during pregnancy period as it can cause serious problems afterward. Eating capacity of female dog increases to its highest level after delivery. Give her to eat as much you can give, but keep in mind food should be healthy and rich of nutritions. Many times mothers get weakness without proper diet and their milk production also got effected, this situation also effect health of puppies. So diet of mother is also very important.


Vaccination of a puppy starts at an age of 6 weeks, so you should have proper knowledge of vaccination in dogs. You can also get the information regarding vaccination in dogs. A puppy depends upon us so it is our responsibility to give him a better life. Vaccination is very important part of a healthy puppies life so always take care of it. Check complete guide here Vaccination in Dogs.

Looking Them Regularly

Keep a regular visit to the placd where you are keeping puppies, this will let you know if any problem is existing. Check each and every puppy carefully. Search for rashes, pimples under legs, problem related to their skin, check their interest in milk etc. all this will help you to keep a track of puppies and act if problem found.

Seprate Puppies With Issues

If you found that any puppy is having trouble related to his health then seprate him from others. His problem can transfer to others too. Consult your vet as early as possible. Sometimes our ignorance results in loosing puppies. So if you found any puppy who has any abnormal behaviour than others than seprate him from litter.

Do Not Let Other Dogs To Come Near

Always keep the puppies and mother at seprate place, never let other dogs to visit their as they may be infected with any virus that can harm puppies. Sometimes dogs also become aggressive to puppies of other dogs, this is also a reason for sepration of litter from other dogs.

Keep Yourself Clean

You should also be clean. Clean your hands before touching puppies as you can also be carrying virus and also clean yourself after you have checked the puppies as this can infect you also. Use surgical gloves while you touch puppies as this will be safe for both of you.

So above we have discussed some points which you should keep in mind if you are having a litter at your home. Any mistake can cause you a great loss, so be carefull and aware about all the things related to health of puppies and their mother.

Things We Should Care About New Born Puppies Of Your Female Dog

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