How To Choose A Dog Breed For Your Home

How To Choose A Dog Breed For Your Home

I love to have dog at home, but not sure which one to adopt? A major question in many of dog lovers heart, those our new to this field and do not have enough knowledge. In this article I am going to discuss how you can choose a dog according to your requirement and interest.

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1. Identify Your Requirement

The first step before adopting a dog is to identify your requirement. You should have a clear cut mind set what you want from a dog. Reasons vary from person to person. Many prople like pocket dogs means small breeds because they are easy to carry, some are interested in looks of dog like colour, face structure, skin and hair type etc. Many people are interested in performance of dog like snatching, jumping, some people want a guard dog for their home, many people exist those want a dog as an companion. So before adopting a dog all this point must be considered by you, ‘Why I want a dog?’

2. Search For The Breeds

Second step starts with searching for the breeds. When you have a clear mind about what you want than second steps comes. Here you have to classified the dog breeds and choose the breed type according to you. Like there exists commonly three breed types 1. Small Dogs 2. Medium Dogs 3. Large Dogs. After this you can also further makes a choice list of your liked breeds. Do a proper study of those breeds and make your final decision for the breed that fulfill your requirements.

Dog breed

Dog breed

3. Consider The Background Of Puppy You Are Selecting

When you have decided the type next step is to search for the perfect puppy which has perfection in breed type and is eligible for your requirement. Consider the background of puppy before making final decision. Is his mother and father are in good health, their perfection or purity in breed. Many people even look for grand-parents also. Because what a puppy is going to become is in his blood. Purity, qualities and ability to grasp or learn everything is embeded in blood. So look for the perfect parentage puppy.

All above are the points that one should look before adopting a puppy. To understand it further I am also catagorising breeds according to some parameters that will help you to choose a puppy for your home.

1. Size

First of all you should be aware of the size of puppy. There exist from a pocket size dog to 32 inch height dog. So identify your need, resource like home size and than choose the breed according to it.

2. Nature of Breed

After size your should be aware of nature of the breed. Many people like guarding dogs which are aggressive to new peoples, some like dogs for play like pocket breeds or small breeds, some like them as a companion like lebra so identify the nature of breed and your requirement.

3. Human Relation

Consider this point first of all after you choose the size. Many breeds are aggressive to humans and sometimes even cause disaster to owners too. So be care-full in your selection.

4. Dog’s Requirement

What he requires? This is the second most important point after your requirement. Many breeds need more time for play, some need less. Some breeds require more space and many exist that needs minimum. So consider what type of breed you are choosing and what are his requirements.

5. Food Type

Every breed has it’s own type of food requirements and you must consider this point before you adopt a puppy. Ask a question to you can you provide him what he needs in food? If yes only than choose the breed.

So above are some points discussed that will surely help you to choose a dog for you. Dogs are member of family and consider this point as important as you are choosing a member for family because a wrong decision can make big trouble for him or you.

Dog breed

Dog breed

How To Choose A Dog Breed For Your Home

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