Breeding Dogs- Complete Guide- Heat Cycle, Pre- Breeding, Pregnancy Time to Delivery

Breeding Dogs- Complete Guide – Heat Cycle, Pre- Breeding, Pregnancy Time to Delivery

I always said that breeding is a task of great responsibility. Any ignorance or wrong step can cause you a lot. So in this article we are going to discuss about everything in breeding female dog. Before starting this article I would like to give you some references to enhance your knowledge for breeding dogs.

1. Preparation

2. Pregnancy Period Of A Female Dog

3. Feeding A Pregnant Female

4. Taking Care Of New Born Puppies

Above is given links to some usefull articles for breeding dogs. They will help to enhance your knowledge about breeding. Coming to today’s point lets start discussion.

Making Your Female Ready For Breeding

Breeding dogs is not a task of one day. It needs lot of prior preparations. Most important of these is making your female ready for breeding. Before going for breeding look for below mentioned things in your female.

1. How old is she

2. Is she vaccinated

3. Is she healthy and have adequate weight

4. Is she mature enough to be a mother

5. Is she dewormed

6. When was she last got breeded

You can also read our article on Age, Weight and Health For Breeding Female Dog this article will help you to under what are those basic things that matters while deciding a female for breeding.

These are some basic points. Never enroll your female in breeding at too young age even she appears to be physically prepared. Let her attain minimum of 12-15 months of age, I reccomend minimum 18 months as best age for breeding. Make her properly vaccinated for first 6 weeks a puppy stays on immunity of his mother. Your female must be healthy and may not be suffering from any disease. She must be mature enough to handle her puppies and got her dewormed one month prior than mating day. Give a rest for one geat cycle after breeding for good health of female and better results. If you have checked all these points than your female is ready for breeding.

Preparing The Male Dog For Breeding

A male dog should also got prepare for breeding. You should look for following things in a male dog before choosing for breeding.

1. Male and female should have same breed

2. Male should be healthy

3. Should not have used in excessive breeding

4. Needs to be vaccinated and dewormed one month prior

Never deworm a male or female few days before mating. Deworming should have been done minimum one month ago. Choosing a male for breeding is task of great knowledge and care. For role of parentage in a puppies life you can read Effect Of Parentage On Puppies.

Heat Cycle

Heat cycle of female can be divided into three parts. Starting, mating and ending. In starting size private part of female will increase and she will release blood through it. This process continues for first 9-11 days of heat. Never mate your female during this time. Second period starts after bleeding is stoped. This is the time when your female has highest productivity. Give atleast one day gap between mating and the day when bleeding has stopped. Let blleding has stopped on 9th day than mate her on 11 and 13 days of heat cycle. You can also have a test to check highest productive time of your female. Productive time is also shown by female when she becomes attractive toward male dogs, this time also called flagging. After this last stage comes ending. In this time heat cycle gets ended. Whole heat cycle vary in different females. In some it may take 15 days as whole and sometime as long as 21 days. Take care of your female during this period to not to let her mate with other dogs.

Signs Of Pregnant Female

An owner can see behaviour changes after a week of mating, but many females do not show these. Female becomes lazy and starts like to sleep and activity also got decrease. She also takes less food during this time. But after 30 days you can see the changes clearly. Stomach of females will increase and her food requirements will also increase as puppies too needs diet now. Size of nipples will also grow. At 25-30 days gums of female will also becomes yellowish showing lesser blood in body, this is also due to pregnancy.

Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy period differ for each and every female. Average pragnancy time is 62-63 days. But I have seen females taking 70 days and many as early as 57 days. So this varies from female to female. But minimum 54 days are required as if female drops puppies before it they will not survive.

Check Ups During Pregnancy

Make a regular visit to your vet for check up of your female during pregnancy. If you are not sure even after 40 days that your female is pregnant or not than you can opt for ultraosund. If she is showing it clearly avoid these type of tests.

Diet During Pregnancy

For first 30 days diet should be normal, but after that starts increasing diet. Frequency of diet should also be increased. Never feed her too much in single time. Divide her meals into 4-5 parts and give adequate amount so that her stomach should have free space. Food should be rich in protien and fat. Puppy starter is best during this period.


Temperature of female will decrease than 99° and she will start to refuse food. She will also start to find place for delivery also called nesting. Difference of time between delivery of two puppies is normally 20-30 minutes. Stay with female during delivery time to avoid any unwanted error.

So above are some points that will surely help you in breeding of your female. Avoid excessive breeding and do ot only when it is too neccesary to breed.

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