Depression in Dogs – Understanding the cause and cure

Depression in Dogs

Dogs suffer from depression? This is shocking for many people but it is true. Dogs too have this problem. Any living thing on this earth has emotions and emotions are the cause of depression. If dogs like or dislike something than why not it is possible that they can also go undergo depression. They too have problem of depression and if remain un-cured can lead upto disaster. In this article we will try to understand reason behind depression in dogs and also will try to find out how it can be cured. First of all lets discuss the reason behind depression in dogs.

A. Reasons

1. Death of Companion

Some people adopt many dogs. When two dogs live together a bond gets developed between them, that leads to love between them. Like us dogs too have friends. If his/her companion died than an empty space occupies space in his or her heart. Love for his companion makes him sad and leads to depression. Many dogs stop eating when they lost their companion and also start to ignore their most liked things at one time. This situation if ignored leads toward their death.

2. Addition of New Pet

Many dogs dislike to share their home and owner with other pets or dogs. If their owner brings a new pet or dog to home that makes a sad impact on their mind. They become sad and they become victim of depression. Similarly like first case they start to refuse food and their daily routine. They start to hide themselve. So a wise owner can understand their feelings. He can make him familiar with new pet. But many of us are not aware about depression in dogs that makes the condition worst.

3. Owner Love

Many dogs lost their owner due to death of owner or any other reason like job. Their love for owner makes them sad that leads to depression. This is most common in dogs. They stop taking interest in play and food and stay silent. They try to hide themselves from the world. So their love their owner is also a great reason for depression in dogs.

4. Shock or Fear

Many dogs got depression from shock or fear. Any sudden accident in their life, fear from a particular thing takes them to depression. A feeling of fear got developed in them. They try to avoid those things and further this problem start increasing. So shock and fear are also reason for depression in dogs.

5. Cut in social connection

Many owners start to chain their dogs for long hours that makes dog feel sad. He do not get chance to interact with others and play. This leads to depression. So excessive chaining is also a reason behind depression in dogs.

B. Cure

Above we have discussed the reasons behind depression in dogs now we will try to elaborate the idea for curing them.

1. Give Them Time

If your find that your dog is in depression start giving him more time. You are the best doctor for his depression. With the help of owner a dog can overcome depression.

2. Take Him For Play

If your dogs is in depression taking him to play is a good idea. His mind will become fresh and he will again start to enjoy his life.

3. Give Him What He Likes Most

This is also a very usefull way. This changes the mood of dog and helps to over-come from depression. The only way to come out from depression is happiness. If you start to provide him hapiness he will surely come out of depression.

4. Medicines

Doctors suggest Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft to give relieve from depression. They helps the dogs to overcome the depression. These medicines are used for humans too.

5. Check-up

Many time we think that dog is in depression but he may be faving any other health issue. In some cases health issues too lead for depression. So before coming to any decision first of all take your dog to a vet. He is the better judge for your dog’s condition.

So above we have discussed about possible reasons about depression in dogs and their cure. The most important thing is owner. If an owner care about his dog he will surely come out of depression. Depression leads to aggression and fear in dogs. Proper treatment and care is required to overcome this problem. Dog can overcome his depression in few days and can take upto many months. It is upon us and level of depression he is in. Un-cured depression leads to behaviour changes and sometimes lead to death. So taking care of your dog at right time is require. If you find your dog in depression try to find possible reason behind it. Reason is the first step of care.

I hope this article will help you to cure your dog from depression. Keep visiting us for more articles like this.

Depression in Dogs

Depression in dogs

Depression in dogs


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