Excessive Breeding – Downgrading The Value Of Dogs

Excessive Breeding – Downgrading The Value Of Dogs

If we consider the scenario of 3-4 years ago, breeding was limited, breeders were limited, an adequate demand was met with that. But many people start it to earn profit without considering the standardnof breed, take an example of Pitbull breed, sometime ago limited people were having pitbulls, but due to excessive breeding the breed has reached literally every house. With increased number of dogs prices also comes down and dogs with better lineage and quality are not getting owner of their standard. Today we are going to discuss about excessive breeding in dogs and problems caused by it.

Loss of Purity

With excessive breeding and increasing lust for mkney has lowered the level of purity. People start mixing breeds to met demand and got higher prices. With increased mixing real quality of a breed got dimnish, a new type of breed has come out as a product of it. Dog appearing like pitbull is not a pitbull if we check the lineage, he is mix of buterrier and bully. How you can expect the quality or characterstics of pitbull from a bully or bulterrier.

Decreased Prices

Each and everyone who owned a dog has started the breeding, with increased number of dogs breeders has also increased, with result of this breeders are forced to sell their puppies at minimum prices. There are two types of puppies available in market, standard breed or pure puppies and mix, owner who has purity seeks higher prices as he deserve it, but a person who has mix only needs money. So he selling the puppies at cheaper rates to just earn that.

Ignorance of Quality

‘I need a dog, a cheaper dog.’ This sentence has lowered the level of quality. New comers are not aware of lineage and purity in breed, they want a dog at a cheaper price. Ignoring the breed standard has also create a problem. The puppies coming out of mixes are also mix, so this practice is multiplying the problem.

Side effects of excessive breeding

Excessive breeding

Care of Dogs

Many people are selling the puppies without knowing the background of buyer. Dogs are going into the hands of those people who know nothing about them. Condition of those dogs is miserable. Frustration, aggression etc. are outcome of this practice. When dogs turns aggressive bad rumours are spread about breed. Owners May Be Bad, But A Dog Is Always Innocent. If you are ignoring your dog, torturing him, not giving him enough food, chaining him all the day, using him fights, ignoring his illness than it is sure that either he will go in depression or he will become aggressive. Character of a dog is built by the the owner.

Breeders Are Not Aware

People having first dog of their life are claiming themselves as breeders. Breeding needs lot of knowledge, but many people are just adopting dogs to be a breeder not as a dog lover. They are ignoring vaccination, breed standards, dog’s requirements etc. they are just focusing in reproduction and money. This also has lead to a disaster.

So overall excessive breeding is effecting the overall quality and care of dogs. Money is the single reason behind this. Lack of organisation and certification to register as a breeder is creating this problem. A proper procedure should be set-up to allow reproduction or selling dogs. Only if demand exist than breeders should be allowed to breed.

Once upon there was a time an advance booking was requiredbto buy a puppy, but now you have to advertise or force people to buy a puppy. Many good breeds are becoming so common that mix of those breeds are nkw can be seen as roaming here and there. Owners should take care that their dog should be used for upliftment of breed, not for bringing the level down.

Excessive Breeding – Downgrading The Value Of Dogs

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