Feeding a pregnant female dog

Feeding a pregnant female dog
Every pregnant female requires a lot of care even she is human or dog. For healthy child the diet of female during her pregnancy is very important thing. Any compromise in it can cause you disaster. In this article we will discuss about feeding a pregnant female dog. We will look into what are her requirements and how we can fulfill them. So if you are planning for a breeding than it is for you.

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1st 15 days
During first 15 days after mating do not give extra food to your female. Don’t let her stomach to be extra filled. I will suggest for a little drop in diet level for first 15 days. Drop should not be taken as reducing the amount to a large extent, it should be noted as avoiding over-feeding. Place in her womb should not be pressurised with extra food. I also suggest yogurt during these first 15 days. Food with higher fat amount should be avoided. Just switch to simpls diet that is easy to digest and should not occupy stomach for long periods. Avoid deworming, injection or tablets without consulting a doctor during this period. One wrong step can lead toward mis-carriage. So being a wise owner switch to a simple diet during first 15 days.
15-30 days
During this period give the female diet which you used to provide her before mating or heat cycle. Means diet should be normal now according to her natural routine. Many owners took wrong decisions at this time and they increase the food amount of female. But increasing the food amount at this time can cause serious issues. Just follow the basic and don’t do any hurry. Making any hurry or wrong decision can lead to mis-carriage or any other dis-order. So don’t try experimenting during this period.
Above mentioned two points are discussed considering a female pregnant. But every mating does not mean a successful concieve. So before switching or making major changes to your females diet plan just be confirmed that she is pregnant. There is no natural way to judge a female is pragnant or not before 30 days. After 30 days her tummy and milk production start to indicate her pregnancy.
30-40 days
During this time you become sure that your female is pragnant or not. If result are positive than now look for a better diet. Replace her existing food with high in protien and fat. Food should contain minimum of 30% protien and 20% fat. I suggest puppy starter food during this period. Female have only 63 days pragnancy period and puppies grow very fast, for this she require proper diet that can keep her healthy. Health of female is directly related to puppies. Anything she eats is a diet for puppies. For their proper growth compromise with quality is not acceptable.
One another thing that you have to take in mind that food should not be served only two times a day. Increase the frequency, because puppies need place to grow and if we overfeed our female that can cause serious effects on their structure and health. So start giving food 4 time ls a day and quantity of food should be up by 50% than her normal diet.
40-54 days
The puppies show highest growth during this period. Quality of food I have already mentioned above but amount should be increased more now. For 40-45 days amount should be double than her normal diet and for 45 to 54 days it can touch upto 3 times her normal diet. All parts of puppies got developed during this period and their size increases day by day.
Do not feed heavt amount in a single time, try to break food frequency to 5 times a day. Female needs space in her tummy so that puppies can grow easily and any disorder should be prevented. You can also do a medical examination like x-ray or ultrasound after 42 days, that will help you to know number of puppies in females stomach, and you can prepare accordingly.
Many people gives calcium during pregnancy period of female. I strongly suggest to avoid it. This can cause serious hazards to pragnanct female. So concentrate on high amount of protien and fat. Also get her vaccinated for infection in milk according to a vet’s advice.
55 to birth day
From day number 55 start normal diet and do not give any extra amount of protien or fat till the puppies came out. Now during this time female needs free space in her stomach and any extra food can cause serious issues. Many females also start to ignore their food in these days. Now you can see the movement of puppies inside her womb.
Many females refuse to eat anything before 24 hours before delivery. When your female stop taking her meak that starting for new members, their birth is near now. You can also check the temprature of females it drops below 99 degree and come upto 98 degree when the time of delivery is near. Female start the process of nesting and start searching the perfect place for delivery.
During delivery she will refuse to anything. Normal spam between two puppies is 20 minutes. When you are confirmed that all puppies are out now and nobody is left give her some food and water. Give her normal walk to do her neccesary work.
When puppies are out you can now add calcium to her diet. Food should be puppy starter and high in protien even after delivery. Because milk production is also a necessary task during a breeding cycle. I hope you will get lot of help from this information. Keep visiting us for more updates.
Feeding a pregnant female dog

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