How To Make Your Dog’s Food Interesting?

How To Make Your Dog’s Food Interesting?

The most common problem thatI hear from the owners is this that they feed their dogsbest food available in market but he do not enjoy it and never finishes his meal. In this article we are going to discuss what are the reasons by a dog start to avoid his food and what are the ways to make his food interesting.

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Reasons and Ways to Overcome

There are many reasons behind it when a dog start to ignore or start to take less interest in his food. Most importan are discussed here-under:-

Food Is Not Of His Choice

Every owner try to provide best food available in market, he wants his dog should have the best available. But the most important point at this time he ignores is that he do not look for what his dog likes. Best food will show the result only if your dog eat it, and if he don’t like it than all your efforts are going to. Show nothing. Before choosing a food for your dog first of all look for what your dog like. It is he who will eat it, no matter how much high content is embeded in food if your dog don’t like it there is no benefit of it.

Take it as simple as us. Let’s we are going to the best restaurant of the city, ordering the most popular food of that place and found that the taste of that food is dis-liked by us. Food is the thing that do not liked by brand, it is our tongue that makes it good or bad. Similarly if your dog don’t like a particular product than no it is of no use to buy that and try to feed him. He will never show interest in it.

Regular Rotation

Many owners strict on one type of food. They never introduce variety to their dog’s food. This makes the dog un-interested in food. So what is the way to make your dog’s food interesting. The one word that struck our mind is rotation. Don’t ever strick to a single food all the time to your dog. Suppose you have to eat one recipe daily, even though it is your favourite after some days you will fed up of it. Same is in the case of dogs, they too lost interest in food if they are served only one typr of food.

Introducing rotation makes food interesting. Dog will start to eat his less liked products too. Raw food, canned food and sometime even human food. Rotate the cycle like this. Introduce him nee taste. You will find his bowl empty all the time and his will to eat more. This is the best way to make your dog’s food interesting.


Over-Feeding is also a great reason for lost result of a dog in his food. Many owners feed their dog untill he do not quit and when the dig quits they become restless why he is not eating. They let hks food in bowl so that he can eat it whenever he feel hungry, but this makes the problem more worst. Dog start to dislike that food and stops eating at all. Every breed had it’s own weight and height. Never try to cross it. If you think that by feeding extra food you can make your dog large than it is the biggest mistake you are making. A man can never touch the weight of elephant, same is the case of dogs.

Feed your dog accoring to his weight and height. Over feeding can cause serious health issues and lesser interest for food. Make a schedule for feeding time and feed according to it. Don’t let the food lying in dog’s bowl, that makes the condition worst. If your dog is going through same situation skip on or two meals and let the hunger strike his stomach and than feed him according to his hunger not according to your pocket.

Lesser Physical Activity

Dogs having lesser physical activity should be feeded according to it. Amount of food is devided by three factors height, weight and physical activity. For example pitbulls are more physically avtive dogs and people use them as a working dogs. You read about the diet plan for a pitbull on internet and start feeding him accordingly. But one mistake exist here. Try to find out physical activity of that dig about whom the article is. A dog working in feilds, going through conditioning process or muscle building through hardship needs extra amount of food than a dog sitting at home. Even though both have same breed and weight catagory but requirement is different according to activity.

When we feed a dog more than his physical activity than he lost interest in food. So as a wise owner try to draw own chart according to your dog’s physical activity and feed him accordingly.

Health Issues

Many times sickness leads to lesser interest in food. If your dog normally likes food and avoiding it from last few days than let him check by vet. He may be facing some health issue. Same like humans dogs too lost interest in food when they are sick. A healthy dog is suppose to take his complete diet. So take care if your dog is having his all meals offered to him or not. This will also help you to check his health related problems.

Over Deworming

Deworming is great way to protect your dogs from worms and make them healthy. But un-necessary deworming leads to lost interest in food. Deworming should we done when you think it is required. So over-deworming is also a reason for lesser interest in food.

So above we have mentioned some points that effect your dog’s interest in food. If your dog is not interested in it he will not eat it. So make your dog’s food interesting by rotation, adding food of his choice and many other ways discussed above. I am sure this will help you. If you like to read more articles like this keep visiting us.

How To Make Your Dog’s Food Interesting?

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