Importance of Play Time in Dog’s Life

Play time

Play time in dogs

Importance of Play Time in Dog’s Life

‘Play Time’ always remains best time in every individual’s life. You forget all the worries of life and also your body got workout. Similarly in the case of dogs. They too love to play. This makes them relaxed and physically fit. So play time has an equal impprtance in life of dogs too. So lets start the discussion.

What is play time for dogs?

Play time for dog is the time when you let him enjoy his freedom and sometimes also get involved in his activity. Companion for dog may be his owner or any other dog. During this they get involved in physical work like running, jumping etc. with their consent to enjoy it. So the play time is the time when you let him enjoy his life in the way he like it.

How to help your dog to enjoy his play time

If you like that your dog should enjoy his play time than your active involvement is required. In this way you will also enjoy the activity. You can use a ball or football for this purpose. Spring pole is also very useful for some breeds. Free space like park or play ground is also required where he can run. With involvement of you his safety also get assured. So try to be involved in his playtime to make him better out of it. He will also love your participation.

Choosing a place for play

Before choosing a place for play please keep in mind that he should get the required space to freely enjoy the play. Small places like home are not enough for play. House with good garden can serve the purpose but the best place is to take him to park or play ground so that he can get enough space to explore his activity.

Benefits of Playtime

1. Health Benefits

As the playtime involve physical avtivity like running and jumping dog also get physical exercise, that makes him healthier. His muscles got time to warm-up and his internal functions also get benefits from it. Many owners also used playtime as a tool to condition or build muscle in their dogs.

2. Behaviour Benefits

Those dogs who get regular playtime are more disciplined than those who don’t get. With play dog get mentally relaxed and he becomes more human friendly due to this. Many people use it as a medicine to recover their dog from depression.

3. Socialization

During playtime he interacts with new people and dogs that helps in the process of socialization. Playtime is the most effective tool for socialzation. I personally reccomend it if you want to make your dog more socialized.

4. Basic Training

During playtime you can also teach him many things like bring back the ball, come here etc. So playtime is also a way to give basic training to your dog. As dog enjoys this time he learns quickly without any pressure.

Play time

Play time in dogs

So above we have discussed how playtime is helpfull for your dog’s overall development. It has physical to mental benefits, behaviour benefits and also helpfull for basic training. So if you want that your dog should enjoy his life and stay healthy than give him a regular time to play.

Importance of Play Time in Dog’s Life

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