Parvo Or Parvovirus In Dogs – Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Parvo Or Parvovirus In Dogs, Symptoms, Cure And Prevention

Dream of almost every owner is to see his dog healthy. Proper knowledge and care is must to help your dog to enjoy a good healthy life. There are many health related issues that can cause big disaster to your dog. One of them is Parvo or Parvovirus. In this article we will discuss about this lethal disease of dogs.

What Is Parvovirus?

The parvo virus is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact with an infected dog or through indirect contact with a contaminated object. The disease is related to stomach and small intestines, as this is where the virus does the most damage. Parvo is a life threatning problem and dogs under 6 months are most prone to this. In this article we are gking to discuss about parvovirus, it’s symptoms and cure.

How It Spreads?

As above stated it is a highly contagious virus and easily transmitted through one dog to another. The virus is commonly found in feces of infected dog and got transmitted to anyone who comes into contact with it. It can live for many months in environment that causes it more lethal. Food bowl, floor, clothes etc. are some objects where the virus can remain for months.


Parvovirus is a life threatning problem, so catching up early signs are must. With early identifing the problen you get extra time to cure and success rate also get increased. Some early signs or parvo are :-

* Bloody Diarrhea

* Vomiting

* Fever

* Lethargy

* Anorexia

* Weight Loss

* Weakness

* Dehydration

If you find any of these signs just rush to your vet as this may be beginning of parvo. As early the disease got identified it has more chance of getting cure. And you are also advise to isolate the infected dog from other dogs as this can be tranmitted from one to another.

Which Dogs Are At Higher Risk Of Parvovirus?

Un-vaccinated dogs are at higher risk of parvovirus. Dogs under the age of six months are also more prone to this disease than adults. Street dogs commonly got this disease as they do not get vaccination and they visit the places where virus concentration is high. Role of mother’s vaccination can never be ignored in it as for first 6 weeks a puppy remains on immunity of his mother.

Similar Disease

A similar disease to parvivirus also exists, that is called Coronavirus. Both have similar symptoms and also bkth spreads similarly. But parvovirus is more lethal than Coronavirus.

How Much Lethal Is Parvovirus?

Parvovirus is one of the most lethal dog diseases, in most of the cases it kills a dog within three days. You can estimate it’s effect that a dog who once got infected by it needs minimum two months to regain it’s previous health position and in most of the cases it is more than two months.

Curing Parvo

Curing parvo consist of two stages:-

1. Prevention

2. Cure

1. Prevention

Try as much as you can to save your dog to not get in touch with this virus. Puppies under 6 months of age are highly prone to this. So preventing parvovirus starts when a female is pregnant. Female should get vaccinated for parvovirus as initial time of puppies is only dependable on health of mother.

Second step is to get puppy vaccinated, this starts as ealry as 6 weeks of age. Your puppy must get vaccination to prevent parvovirus at age of 6 weeks and repeat it two times more to be at safe end. First six weeks of puppies life depends upon immunity of mother. You can also read our article on Vaccination In Dogs.

Socialize your puppy so that he must know what he suppose to lick or taste. Many puppies get everything in mouth that comes in their way, this is a serious problem and can lead toward parvovirus. This virus can live upto one year and any cleaning product is not able to remove it.

Take care of your puppy that he must not get in contact with un-vaccinated dogs as this is also a way to get parvovirus. Prevention is always better than cure.

Vaccination In Dogs

Vaccination In Dogs is process of increasing immunity of dogs to fight with diseases. It is must to prevent the unwanted health problems of your dog. Take your dog for Regular Vet Check-ups and prepare a schedule for vaccination. Regular vet check-ups also has great importance in your dog’s life. Consult your vet and set up a Schedule For Vet Check-Ups. This will help you to prevent not only parvovirus but also many other diseases.




When you found that your dog is infected by parvovirus just met your vet. More than 70% cases are cured if the vet is contacted at right time. Follow his intructions and try to isolate your dog from other dogs. Treatment vary for case to case, your puppy must get antibiotic, treatment to stop bleeding and vomiting. Your dog will avoid food and weakness will increase during parvovirus.

Parvovirus is a serious disease, but can be cured if you got the early indications. To understand basic health signs of your dog you can visit our article on Signs Of Healthy Dog. This will help you to identify parvo in early stage. It remains from 7-10 days, puppies that survive first 4 days have more chances to survive this. Follow the precautions suggested by your vet. Many vet also give dose of DNS as it helps to give liquid and many other required elements when your puppy is unable to consume them in natural way.

Parvovirus can be prevented with proper vacvination, but if your puppy got it even after vaccination you must identify it on early stages, as the time passes this disease become more vulnerable. So in if short words we have to say about treatment of parvovirus it required four major things:-

1. IV (Intravenous) Fluids

2. Antibiotic

3. Anti-Inflammatories

4. Antiemetics

Some Tips To Follow

# Take Your Dog For Regular Vet Check Ups

# Give proper Vaccination

# Never let him play with un-vaccinated dogs

# Avoid contact with street dogs

# Isolate your infected dog

So above we have discussed all the points that will help you in prevention and curing Parvo or Parvovirus in dogs. I hope this article will help you in giving a healthy life to your dog. Give your feedback through comments. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Parvo Or Parvovirus In Dogs, Symptoms, Cure and Prevention

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