Signs That Indicate Your Dog’s Health

Signs That Indicate Your Dog’s Health

How can we know that our dog is healthy or having some problem related to health without visiting a vet? Many owners do not know when the problem got started. If you like that your dog should enjoy a healthy life than keep a regular check on his below mentioned points. These will help you to get an alert in starting of any big health problem.

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1. Fresh Breath

f rotten smell is coming from your dog’s mouth than there is problem. It may be sign of Oral Melanoma a type of cancer. Also gums problem can also have started like gingivitis. Smell from your dog’s mouth in all these conditions will not be pleasent at all. Many internal problems can also be fetch by rotten smell of your dog’s mouth. So if your dog is giving bad/rotten smell from mouth take him to doctor/vet. Fresh breath is the most important sign of a healthy dog.

2. Shinning Coat

This also a great way to check your dog’s health. If your dog has well shinning coat this indicates that he is healthy. When the shine of your dog’s start to deminish than problem starts. The problem may be internal like worms, stomach infection or external like skin infection or alergy, fleas etc. The shine of your dig’s coat will start to demnish in all these conditions. If you notice that shine of your dog’s coat demnishing than take him to vet and get him examined.
Dog Health

Dog Health

3. Consistent Weight

Consistent weight of a dog is very important sign of his health. Every dog has perfect or standard weight according to his breed specification and structure, any change in it indicates problem. Over-weight indicates diabetes, high blood pressure and many problems related to bones and joints.
Drop in weight is also a serious problem. Food infection, worms and many life threatning problems can be behind the weight lose of your dog. If you find any change in your dog’s weight which is not expected kindly take him to vet and get examined.

4. Respiration and Temperature of Dog

Keep a regular check on your dog’s respiration and temperature of your dog. A normal dog has 15-35 normal respiration cycles in a minute. You can check it by simply counting the movement of your dog’s chest in rest for 15 seconds and multiply it by 4. 35 cycles are noticed when dog is having play or rest, normally the count is below 20. Temperature is also great sign of dog’s health. A healthy dog has normal temperature of 100-102.5 degree. You can check both these signs at home and save your dog from any big problem.

5. Poop

Poop of your dog tells many things about your dog. Healthy poop will be absent of blood, mucus, worms, eggs, a chalky white discoloration, a black, tarry appearance, a greasy coating or diarrhea. If you notice a change it could be due to a change in diet, stress, allergies, parasites, bacterial infection, viral infection, ingestion of a toxic substance, pancreatitis, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, or an obstruction. So a regular check on your dog’s poop also helps you to get alert from any big problem.

6. Interest in Food

If your dog is not showing interest in food than he also in trouble. He may be having stomach pain or infection. Many other diseases also exist in this type of signs. The best way to be confirmed is regular check on your dog’s food bowl. Is he finshing all his food? If not than there is a problem. Take him to vet and also try to change his food type. Many dogs lost interest in food when they normally get one type of food.

7. Interest in Play

Is your dog is active and taking interest in play? If not than there is a problem. A healthy dog loves to play and took interest in it. When something is wrong with him than same like humans he start to ignore play. So if there is a certain change in your dog’s nature than look into matter. He needs your help.

8. Clean and Odor Free Skin and Ear

A healthy dog has clean skin and ear. If smell coming from your dog’s skin is not pleasent than there exist a problem. Look into the matter. Regular bath and clean body are helpfull to keep your dog’s skin healthy. Many dog’s also start to discharge some elements from their ears this sign is not good at all. So keep a consistent watch over your dog’s skin and ears.
Above we have mentioned that an owner can look after to identify that his dog is healthy or not. If he foun problem in any of these points his dig needs attention and doctor. Knowing these basic points will help the owner to save his dog from any unwanted disease.
Signs That Indicate Your Dog’s Health
Dog health

Dog health

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