Taking Care When Your Dog Is Recovering From Illness

Taking Care When Your Dog Is Recovering From Illness

I have already discuss How To Help Your Dog To Recover From Illness, next stage comes when your dog has overcome the illness means recovering from illness. Many owners become confused after this, they do no know what is the next step. Their motive is to take their dog to the same level prior to his illness, for this they increase his diet instantly, which is completely wrong. In this article we are going to discuss about the things those an owner should keep in mind when his dog is recovering from illness.

Diet Plan

After illness never increase diet of your dog instantly even he is ready to eat. Due to illness his organs also get weak and consuming too much food is not good for him. Never force him to eat anything. Just find out what he is liking and feed accordingly. Many times we try to give him healthy diet, but he do not want to eat that at that time just follow what he likes. It takes 3-4 days to start eating every type of food as he was eating prior to his illness. Never over-feed him, if you do so he may quit eating. Feed him to just re-create his interest in food. Also continue products that can full-fill his required amount of essential elements. Products enrich in lactose, glucose etc. are good at this time. These will give him required energy and side by side you increase his interest in food.


Illness makes a dog weak, his physical fitness also got effected by illness. When a dog is recovering from illness never give him too much exercise as that can cause serious side effects. What exercise is required at this time to make him feel better. Opt for walks duting this time, never let your dog to run or jump during this time. Walking is enough as he is internally weak. He needs time to come to his normal level. Rest is also neccesary at this time. Give him normal walk and light food when he is just recovering from illness. Keeping a dog always on rest also multiply his weakness, so some walk is important. This also helps to increase his food requirement as it helps him in burning the calories.


Every sick individual needs affection. It is a natural medicine to cure the illness. Your affection/love with your dog gives him courage to overcome his illness. Many dogs even suffer from depression due to illness, they needs love and care to overcome that. Your love multiplies the effect of medicines. Show him that you cares for him. Spend some time with him, keep a regular check on his activity and try to find out what he wants. In this way you helps him to overcome his illness and make him feel better.

Dogs are part of our family and its our responsibility to take care of them. Period of illness can some time takes them to depression, but with proper care and love we can help them to overcome this test. They are dependant on us and its our responsibilty to take care of them.

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