Water Pot Campaign – Helping Them To Fight With Heat

Water Pot Campaign – Helping Them To Fight With Heat

‘Water Pot Campaign’ what does it mean. For me it is providing life to those who are about to die without water. Hello freinds! we all know that summers had started. Scortching heat, making it difficult to go out of ACs and coolers. We have lot of things to make us comfortable during this time. But today I would like to talk about those who are going to face a test for life. I am a dog lover and an animal lover. When we are enjoying the cooling breeze of our AC inside our room, someone is dying with thirst.

We as humans have everything that can save us from this heat, but these animals and birds are totally helpless. In old time there was lot of water available for them but due to industrilisation and increased human population water resources had shrunked. Even our gutters are underground. In this article I want to appeal all of you to help all these lovely creatures to survive this scortching heat.

Our home pets got enough resources to survive during this season, but think about those who are not having permanent resource or way to help themselves. I need your help to help those creatures of nature to have a relief from this heat. I want to launch a campaign with help of you to help them to have adequate water during this season. I am not asking you to donate money and I am not asking to come on road for huge gathering. The only thing that I demand just a pot/bowl of water a day on a place where they can reach.

Understanding The Problem

In old times there were ponds and birds and animals easily get access to water but in nowdays ponds has vanished specailly in cities. Industrilisation, increased population etc. are reasons behind this. Many birds and animals die due to lack of drinking water every year. De-forestation is also a reason behind this. Our greed for money is becoming a reason for their death. So as an animal lover I need your support to save them and let them enkoy their life. Although my level is not that much high that I can sponsor a campaign or gather huge number of people but I trust in you to help me to help them.

What We Have To Do?

No extra time, no investment just simple a two minute task in a day. Just have a bowl/pot of water place it on a place where birds or animals like dog can approach and drink it. I suggest to have two bowls, placed at two different places. First at terrace of your house and second at entrance of your house. One will serve for birds and second for animals like dogs. Yoy can also place water on trees, office terrace, in grounds, parks etc. Any place where you think that they will visit during their day to day life. Placing something to eat near water is also a great idea, but try to provide atleast water as heat is increasing day by day and surviving without water is not possible.

After placing bowls you have to change their water daily or twice a day looking at the demand. This whole process needs one or two minutes in a day, but your effort will provide a life to someone who is dying without water.

Most of us may ignore my request but if a single person act upon it I will be glad to know that. You can also send your water bowl pics placed by you on ownrules47@gmail.com or you can simply message us on facebook on our page Dog Nation. We will try to upload all your pics on our page.

They demand nothing from us bjt they make our life beautiful and it is our responsibility to help them to survive during this hardest test of life. Please make a share for our campaign so that more and more people should join us to help these lovely creatures.

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