28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog – Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog – Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

Conditioning plan! Everybody likes to own muscular pitbull in his yard, who has enormous stamina. If you are searching for complete guide on it and wants a complete article on it, than you are at a right place. If you want to learn about basic of conditioning plan you can refer to our start-up articles, here are the links:-

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These articles are about basic start-ups and an outlining of building muscles and stamina. In this article we will discuss about a complete 30 days conditioning plan. Before adopting this plan first of all make sure that your dog is fit for under-going exercise and is not facing any ailment or illness. Lets start discussion.

Why You Need A Conditioning Plan To Build Muscle?

Planned things give better results, this is the simple logic behind this. Suppose we have joined gym, our trainer will provide us a weekly schedule so that best results can be produced. Same is in the case of dog muscle building. We have to prepare a draft what outcome we want and work according to it.

Some people like stamina, many likes muscle and there are huge who like the both. So you have to prepare a plan according to demand of yourself. The plan we are sharing here will give you best result in both ways in muscle building and stamina building.

Preparing For Conditioning

Starting a conditioning plan is difficulty than following it. In starting we take many decisions in hurry and have to pay for them. It is must to preparr your dog for conditioning process. You can also check our article on Preparing Dog For Conditioning.

Many things need attention in starting like capability of dog, health of dog etc. Consider all these points before going for a conditioning plan. First of all judge your dog where he stands and what he can achieve. Answer to this query must true and should not involve any emotion.

Conditioning Is Not One Day’s Work

Always keep in mind conditioning is not one day’s work. A conditioning plan require proper and consistent hardworm to achieve success. In starting we are high in enthusiasm but after some day we start to loose interest.

We look for shortcuts and face disasters. Always remeber there is no shortcut in conditioning plans, you have to follow it for maximum results.

Importance Of Diet

When you are following a conditioning plan to build muscles in dog you must follow a Diet Plan for best results. Only exercise will not serve your purpose, a proper Balanced Diet is must to achieve the success.

Search for the Best Dog Food In Market to get best out of it. You can also prepare a Home Made Diet For Dog if you have enough knowledge about dog’s requirements.

If you give exercise and do not provide adequate food to your dog, it will create lot of problems. He will feel low in energy and weakness will destroy his interest in exercise. Many other health related issues may struck your dog. So it is must to give a good diet during conditioning plan.

Intensity Of Conditioning Plan

In starting sometimes for quick results we put extra pressure on dog and give him exercise beyond his capability. It can cause you disaster. Never take any decision in hurry. Always follow the basics and capability of your dog. Extra pressure in initial stage can cause cost you too much to afford, in some cases may be death of dog.

So follow basics and increase the intensity of exercise as you see increase in endurance of dog. Increasing endurance or stamina is the necessity for increasing intensity.

Conditioning Plan

Above we have discussed some basic points that needs clarification before starting of conditioning plan. Now lets come to our main point of discussion i.e conditioning plan. Here-under we have discussed a conditioning plan and how to increase the intensity of conditioning.

1st Day

First day is most important day of this whole conditioning plan. Everybody runs for shortcuts, but a true success never have any shortcut. So just focus on basics. Never put extra effort in starting. Start with a 2 km walk and than 2 km running and it is enough for first day. Remeber to give 1 km walk after running, this will help the dog to relax his muscles. Running should be as slow as possible. I suggest speed of 15 km per hour.

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog - Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog – Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

2nd Day

Now the second day has arrived and start with a warm-up walk of 2 kms, than give a 3 kms running. Speed should be same as for first day. If we start to give excessive pressure on muscles and lungs that can adversly effect your dog. Give 1 km walk after running.

3rd & 4th Day

On 3rd & 4th day start with same 2 km walk but give 4 km of running with 1.5 km walk after running. Speed should be same as for first two days. Never try for shortcut and put extra pressure I always suggest let his body to adopt this conditioning plan for better results.

5th & 6th Day

Start everyday with same style i.e 2 km walk. This walk gives time to warm up your dog and let his body ready for running. Today running should be 5 km and speed should be same as for previous days. These first 6 days are for just making your dog prepare for upcoming hard-work.

7th Day

Many people suggest for rest on this day, but I am not agry with them. You can reduce the practice time and distance but never give a break untill it is very urgent. Keep this day for sprints. Give your dog some sprints in just playing mood. Through stone to here and there or let him plag wkth other dogs so he can be relax and should get some physical workout. Pitbulls normally runs 5 km even on their first day, but if you are looking for a long time conditioning plan than start slowly.

8th & 9th Day

Always start the day with a warm-up walk of 2 kms. After that give a 5 km running on 8th & 9th day, but with slight increase in speed keeping under 20 km. After that give a 1 km walk and 200 metre sprint and than 2 km walk.

10th & 11th day

Start with walk than 5 km running at 20 km/hour speed and after that make a little change in plan. Give him 1 km walk and 2 km of more slow running and after that give him walk to make relax.

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog - Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog – Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

12th & 13th Day

Same walk and 5 km running after that 1 km walk and 2 km running. Than give him 1 km walk and after that give a 500 metre sprint. Keep in mind sprint should not put too much of extra pressure on your dog. And after sprint give him a walk to make relaxed.

14th Day

Give some relax this day but never give a holiday. 2 km walk – 2 km running – 1 km walk – 500 metre sprint and after that walk to relax. After this initial stage your dog will become ready for upcoming hardship and his muscles will have enough strength that he cam bear some extra pressure.

15th & 16 Day

Now you can look for the real conditioning plan. Give him 2 km walk and 5 km running after that give him 1 km walk and 3 km more running and 1 km walk. After walk give him a normal sprint of 500 metre and than a walk for making him relaxed.

17th & 18th Day

On this day follow the same plan for upto the step of 5 km running and after that 1 km of walk. Now introduce a new thing to conditioning plan i.e weight pulling. Weight used for weight pulling should be appropriate according to physical weight of your dog, never use too much heavy weights for this purpose. After 2 km walk of normal weight pulling give him walk to relax.

19th & 20th Day

Upto running of 5 km this step will remain same and give a walk of 1 km after it. Now give 4 km of running after this and 1 km walk and 500 metre sprint. Than make him relax through walk. Even though it appears too much but you will see that ypur dog is enjoying it and willing to do more. But never put extra pressure even you feel he is comfortable woth it.

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog - Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog – Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

21st Day

This is a relax day but not a holiday. You can give him 2 km walk – 5 km running and than walk to relax.

22nd & 23rd Day

First step is same a warm up walk and 5 km running and a 1 km walk. Now increase the second running to 5 km and give a 1 km walk after it and than a normal sprint of 500 metre and let him be relaxed after a walk. You will feel that there is no tiredness even after this whole workout.

24th & 25th Day

Now this is a very important day of our conditioning plan. Take the first step as for last days and than 1 km walk and after that 2 km weight pulling and than 1 km walk and than after that 3 km of running and than give him walk to relax.

26th & 27th Day

The first step is same as mentioned and 1 km walk. After that give 3 km weight pulling 1 km walk and 5 km running and than give him a walk to relax.

28th Day

Give 2 km warm up walk and than 5 km running. Keep this day relaxable so that dog should not lost his interest in conditioning plan.

What After 28th Day?

These 28 days are just to build endurance of your dog to undergo a hard conditioning. If you think over the entire plan we have slowly increased the intensity of exercise. In starting it was just warm-up tyle but till tge end it becomes a tool that will work on every muscle of your dog and will also increase his stamina.

You can also add swimming in it if you have adequatr resources. This a complete plan and will give you great result. Do not stop here and continue with procedure on 26th and 27th day. You can also introduce swimming to your conditioning plan also. Diet plan is also have great importance during conditioning. We will publish an article on it too. Keep visiting our site for more articles like this.

28 Days Conditioning Plan For Your Pitbull Dog – Making Him Muscular And Building Stamina

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