The Basic Care Puppy Needs – All The Points Of Initial Stage

The Basic Care Puppy Needs – All The Points Of Initial Stage

When we adopt a puppy we have many doubts about how to take care of him, what to feed, how to give him bath etc. So I have decided to write my experience on The Basic Care Puppy Needs. I have already written an article about care of new born puppies you can also read it here Taking Care Of New Born Puppies. This article is about those puppies to whom we adopt. So lets start discussion.

Adoption Of A Puppy

Adopting a puppy is also a task of lot of knowledge, for this you can read our article Choosing a Breed and also an article How To Choose A Puppy. Most important thing you should look for is age of puppy, he should be minimum 45 days old at the time of adoption.

After adoption the next point comes taking care of him. We have prepared a complete plan about The Basic Care Puppy Needs.

1. Vaccination

The most important thing in our list about The Basic Care Puppy Needs include is vaccination. For first 6 weeks a puppy depends upon immunity of his mother but after that he becomes prone to many health issues. So whenever you adopt a puppy the most important thing is vaccination. You can also read our article on Vaccination In Dogs. So when you adopt a puppy make an appointment with your vet and consult with him about basic health issues of puppies. Consult about following points with your vet:-

1. Vaccination Schedule

2. Deworming Schedule

3. Basic Health Check Up

Basic Care Puppy

Basic Care Puppy

2. Search For A Good Food

After making your dog safe the next option we have in The Basic Care Puppy Needs is to search for good food for him. You can also take help of our article The Best Dog Food. You can also choose raw diet for your dog, but that needs lot of knowledge and understanding of your dog. First of all Choose A Diet Plan for your dog, than you can use common Home Things For Dog Food and for this you should have basic knowledge about Balanced Diet.

If you are new to this field than I would suggest for canned food and if you have prior knowledge than you can choose self made or raw food for your dog. Diet is very essential part of a puppy’s life, all his development depends upon diet. So always be carefull while choosing a diet for your dog. A good dog food must contain 30% minimum protien and 15% minimum fat. Other essential things like carbohydrates and minerals should also be there in appropriate value.

Schedule for a puppy is must for feeding, you can read it in our article Feeding A Puppy.

3. Basic Habits

Next point that comes in The Basic Care Puppy Needs is start developing basic habits in your dog from starting. Basic habits include:-

A. Bathroom and Potty Routine

B. Daily Routine

A. Bathroom and Potty Routine

Start developing this habit from starting. Make a proper schedule when you wake up, right before bedtime, whenever he eats or drinks, also after playtime. Building this habit needs patience. In initial stages you may get upsets but with proper planning you can overcome. Place choose for potty and bathroom should be side from your house as it will prevent any kind of infection.

B. Daily Routine

He should know about time. This can be done by developing this habit from childhood. Fix his play time, eat time, walk time and sleep time. He should be aware about what he suppose ti do now and will also help in making him disciplined.

Basic Care Puppy

Basic Care Puppy

4. Know His Health

An owner should be aware about his dog’s health. Any minor change in behaviour of dog shows his health condition. If you are a wise owner and you know about the nature of your dog you will easily pick-up that he is not well. You can also read our article on Basic Signs Of A Healthy Dog. If you find any problem related ti his health consult your vet as sokn as possible. Early signs of health problem are here-under:-


Lost appetite

Pale gums


Weight loss or poor weight gain

Wheezing or coughing

Problem in urine or potty

5. Training and Socialization

Start giving him basic training from his childhood this is the last point in The Basic Care Puppy Needs. This will make him better house dog. You can also read our article on Basic Things To Teach A Dog. If you ignore the basic training this can be problematic for you in future.

Socialization is also an important part of dog’s life. Socialization and basic training are inter-connected. You can also read our article on Socialization. Socialization makes it easy to keep a dig in society. Lack of socialization can cause problems for you and your friends and relatives.

So above we have discussed about The Basic Care Puppy Needs. Considering all these points helps in making your dig a better dog to whom the society loves.

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