Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

It is always health of dog that should get first priority in every case. Hello friends! We are here with new topic related to our beloved dogs. Today we will discuss about Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight. So lets start the discussion.

When you think of breeding your female dog first of all should be aware about Complete Breeding Process. For choosimg perfect time of breeding for your female you should consider following things.

Breeding Female Dog - Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

Before Deciding To Breed

When you decided to breed your female dog your female dog you should be aware about some things which are given here-under:-

1. Pre-Breeding

Pre-Breeding is time prior to breeding. Here you check about all the basic things of female dog’s health and do the necessary work to rectify them. Choosing a male is also part of this process. You can read our article on Pre-Breeding.

2. Pregnancy Period

The second thing you should be aware about is pregnancy period of a female dog. How long and different stages of pregnancy should be clear in your mind. You can also read our article on Pregnancy Period Of Female Dog.

3. Feeding To Pregnant Female

You should be also aware about what and what amount you have to feed a pregnant female dog. We have written a complete article on Feeding A Pregnant Female Dog.

4. Work After Delivery

What do when puppies are born? It is very important topic and many un-aware people suffer from big losses due to lack of knowledge. You can also read our article on this topic too for better understanding this point. Taking Care Of New Born Puppies.

Breeding Female Dog - Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

Deciding The Best Time For Breeding Female Dog

The point you have to first of all look is age. Many females come into their first heat cycle as early as 6 months of age, but enrolling them at this young age can never be wise. She is still a puppy and internally not prepare to go for this whole task. For finding perfect age for breeding we have divided the dogs into three catagories:-

1. Small Breeds

2. Medium Breeds

3. Large Breeds

Different group has different minimum age requirement for enrolling in breeding. So let we discuss them seprately.

1. Small Breeds

Here I am taking breeding having height under 15 inches and weight under 16 kg. These breeds reach their physical maturity early than other breed types. Their first heat cycle can be noted in six months of age. But six months old dog is always a puppy not a dog. So wait till minimum of 12-13 months to enroll this type of breeds in breeding female dog.

But do not only look for age of a female while enrolling in breeding, look for the growth of her. Many females remain under-developed even at this age due to lack of care. First let her reach the level of physical maturity, it may take upto more two months. Never make hurry in it as all the outcome of breeding depends more on a female dog than a male dog.

2. Medium Breeds

Medium breeds came into their first heat cycle by age of ten months, may take more in some cases. Even they appear to be ready from physical appearance but internally they are still in the process of development and if we choose to breed them at their first heat cycle the result will be bad for health of female and puppies. Puppies will suffer from many problems through-out their life and female too will suffer from many health issues.

Minimum age requirement for medium breeds is 15-16 months if they recieve full care. If you still think that the female is not fully prepared than you should wait upto 18 months of age for breeding female dog.

3. Large Breeds

Large breeds came into their first heat cycle near their age of one year. As a large breed appears heavy by physical outlook we make decision in hurry. We look at their physical appearancd and starts thinking that they are ready to enroll in breeding. But it is not true. They are still developing and let their own growth to come to an end if you want a healthy and quality litter.

Minimum time required for a large breed to attain physical maturity is 18 months, if the owner has taken proper care. In other cases it may take upto 20-22 months. Breeding female dog before this can never be a good option as we have earlier told that a child can never produce a healthy child.

Breeding Female Dog - Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight

If I Have taken Litter Already?

This is for those who have taken first litter of their female and now planning for second litter. Minimum break of one heat cycle is compulsory to keep female dog healthy. A female normal comes into heat after 5-6 months of her previous delivery and sooner in small breed cases. This is a very short time to make her internally prepare to go for this process again. So according to me rest for one heat cycle is required for better and healthy litter and again breeding female dog.


Weight is the second most important thing after age to look while breeding female dog. Many females even after attaining their maturity age do not look prepare as they are under weight, and advise never to enroll your under-weight female in breeding process as it will be a disaster for puppies and female. You can read our article on Increasing Weight Of Your Dog to have some idea on ways to increase weight of your dog. Consult your vet to find out BSC (Body Conditioning Score) of your female dog to find whether she has good enough weight to enroll in breeding.

Maturity Of Female

Female you choose to enroll in breeding should be Socialized and should know about the Basic Things A dog Should Know in simple words she should be mature enough to handle the responsibility of puppies. Mother has great importance in puppy’s early life, you can also read our article on Importance Of Mother For A Puppy. So you should also consider these points while breeding female dog.

Side Effects Of Hasty Decision

Many time we took a hasty decision in breeding female dog without considering the all above points. This makes big troubles related to health of puppies and female which are mentioned here-under:-

1. Under developed puppies

2. Puppies with less immunity

3. Physical dis-order in puppies

4. Serious health issues to female

5. Many problems related to bones in female as welk as puppies

6. More prone to illness, both puppies and female

7. Short life spam

8. Low quality in puppies

So above we have discussed about all the points Breeding Female Dog – Deciding Proper Time, Age And Weight. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

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