Role Of An Owner In Building Dog’s Overall Character And Deciding Behaviour

Role Of An Owner In Building Dog’s Overall Character And Deciding Behaviour

We here from many people talking about their own dogs and others dogs, telling about the discipline or indiscipline of dogs. So what are the facts that make dog what he is? The perfect answer is owner. A dog becomes what an owner makes him. So in this article we will discuss about Role Of An Owner In Building Dog’s Overall Character.

Being an owner is a task of great responsibility and many of us failed to do so. We complain about dogs, breeds etc. but never judge our own responsiblity. So lets start the discussion.

Relation Between Owner And Dog

For understanding the concept of role of an owner first of all we have to understand the relation between an dog and owner. You can also read our article to further explore this topic Importance Of An Owner For Dog. Dog is most influenced by his owner and trusts him blindly. He care for him and always ready to follow his instructions. But we have to make this bond stronger to establish and utilize this bond properly.

Why It Is Important?

Relation between a dog and owner is important for developing a dog in desired manner. If the owner is not caring about his dog than the dog will lack in Basic Training and Socialization and these two are the key points of behaviour of dog. Is the owner do not embed these qualities into dog than he will have to face behaviour dis-orders of his dog.

So after above discussion we have come to a point that relationship lf dog and his owner is the key behind making a dog. So this the main point of our discussion about Role Of An Owner In Building Dog’s Overall Character. It is the key point behind behaviour of dog. First of all lets understand behaviour of dog.

Behaviour Of Dog

The way of interaction with outer world including humans, other dogs and animals is called behaviour of dog. A well socialized and friendly dog has a good behaviour and is a nice member of our society and family. But some dogs are aggressive and violants or may have any other defect or dis-order related to their behaviour.

Behaviour Dis-order

As above discussed behaviour is a way of attraction with outer world and some dogs become aggressive, some become victim of fear etc. all these are behaviour dis-orders and our matter of great concern. They have great importance in building dog’s overall character. So it is the main point of concern in Building Dog’s Overall Character And Deciding Behaviour

How An Owner Decides Nature Or Behaviour Of His Dog?

After above discussion we nownhave to understand how an owner plays an important role in character build up of his dog. So we have find out some common points that will help you to understand the concept.

Building A House Dog

How a dog will behave in society is second thing but first thing starts from home. From the very first day when you adopt a dog it is compulsory to start his Basic Training as it is the founding stone of a dog’s character. It is the initial step toward socialization of a dog. If you ignore the importance of basic training than it is sure it will make an great impact on Building Dog’s Overall Character.

Start to teach your dog basic things that he should know as a house dog like place to sit, time to eat, what he not supposed to do, obey the call or owner etc. These are the things that will prepare ground for further basic training of your dog.


I always give importance to Socialization of dog and will always say it is the most important factor in building a dog that can get fit into society. How he reacts on new faces, how he react to your relatives and friends etc. are some common things that are part of socialization.

If you keep your dog detached from society than it has high chances of developing a fear or aggrrssion toward society. We hear many news about dog attacks on humans, all this is due to lack of socialization. So from childhood take your dog out on walk, let him meet with other humans and dogs, make him familiar with new faces and places.

A well socialized dog earns love and affection from society. Basic training and socialization is a combined process. You can not achieve success in single, you have to work on both as they are inter-relative.

How You Keep Your Dog?

A great reason behind behaviour of dog is how he is kept. You may tried to give him basic training and may have tried for socialization but still your dog has behaviour dis-orders and you are not getting success out of your efforts and the reason behind this is how you keep your dog. Lets talk about basic things which are must for a good keep. You can also check our article on Things To Make Your Dog Better.


A good food is the most important part of keeping dog healthy and fit. If you are not providing him good food, starving him or missing meals this will effect his behaviour too. He may become aggressive and there are chances of depression too. Under-weight dogs too loose their confidence and fear from others too get developed in them. So food is a key point for Dog’s Overall Character And Deciding Behaviour. You can also check our article on Diet Plan.


If a dog remain ill most of the time and do not get treatment for it he becomes irritated and aggressive. Health is a major point to make a friendly dog. So you should give proper vaccination to your dog and also take care of him during illness. Frequent illness too leads toward depression too and other behaviour dis-orders. You should be aware about Dog’s Health Signs.

Place Of Living

If a dog has too stay at place which has high temprature and detached from other society than it creates problem. If you keep him chained for long hours at place where he feel dis-comfortable it results in behaviour dis-order. So try to give him good environment to live.

Playtime & Exercise

Your dog should be mentally relaxed and should get time to burn his energy in exercise and play. If you give your dog time to play it is obivious that he will become more friendly. Exercise is also a great tool to make his mind relaxed. These two also make him healthy. We have written a complete article on Benefits Of Daily Exercise and Importance Of Playtime.

Let Him Feel His Importance

If you are ignoring the needs of your dog and affection that he wants than you are creating problem related to his behaviour. Spend some time with him, show some love him and take him out for walk with you. This will develop the confidence in him and will help to improve his behaviour. You can also check our article on Depression In Dogs.

Physical Torture

This is inhuman practice but it exists and we have to except this harsh reality. Many owners beat their dogs, keep them heavily chained, starve them etc. All this comes in physical torture. It makes great side effect on mind of dog. He may go into depression, become aggressive or over-feared. In simple words behaviour dis-orders will got developed in him.

Use In Fighting

Although fighting is a part of physical torture but it alone has too much role in making a dog aggressive, thristy for blood-shed and a victim of our entertainment and money lust. Dig fighting also cause behaviour dis-orders in dogs.


So above we have discussed all the points related to Role Of An Owner In Building Dog’s Overall Character And Deciding Behaviour and lets now conclude this whole discussion. Dogs are very loyal animals and one of the great gift from the God to us. But many time due to less awareness or due to bad intentions we make them what they are not suppose to be. An owner is the one and only determiner what a dog will be. He may make him a trained guard or an aggressive beast, all is in hands of an owner. For the upliftment of position of dogs in society we have to create awareness among us and others.

Role Of An Owner In Building Dog’s Overall Character And Deciding Behaviour

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