Caring Pregnant Female Dog In Last Ten Days

Caring Pregnant Female Dog In Last Ten Days

When the puppies will come! This is the question that revolves in every dog owner during last stage of pregnancy of female. Caring pregnant female dog is a task of great responsobility and knowledge. Here we will discuss about the last 10 days of pregnancy period of a female dog. If you want a complete article on pregnancy period of a female dog tham you can also read our article Pregnancy Period Of A Female Dog. So lets start our discussion on Caring Pregnant Female Dog In Last Ten Days.

Understanding The Pregnancy Period

Average pregnancy period of a female dog is 63 days, but in some cases it as short as 57 days and can be long upto 70 days. But the perfect time is 63 days. Minimum 54 days our compulsory if you do not want to loose puppies. If you have taken a litter of same female before than you become more certain about the exact timing. We have earlier written an article that will help you to understand whole breeding process from starting to end. You can also read that by following this link Whole Process Of Breeding.

Here we are assuming a normal pregnancy period of 63 days for our discussion purpose. So when your female has completed 53 days, start preparing for litter, because there is not a fix time of delivery. Specailly where mating is done in two nodes, exact day can never be planned. So after 53 days start preparing for delivery.


Caring pregnant female dog includes caring about her diet. Diet during that should not contain excess of calcium, calcium can cause serious effects on health of mother. During this period calcium of mother is dissolving into puppies and that should take its natural way. After delivery adding calcium to diet is good and will also help in milk production of female. But during pregnancy period never opt for calcium without consulting your vet.

In last stage of pregnancy never feed too much in single time. Divide the meals into 6-7 small meals. Size of puppies is increased now and she has less space in her tommy, excessive feeding in one time will make her discomfortable. So divide the meals into small meals. I also reccomend to switch to adult food during this time, do not feed puppy starter. From 33 to 53 days I advise for puppy starter but after 53 days switch to adult food again.

Many time your female may skip meals, do not be panic and never force her to eat. This is normal in last stage of pregnancy. I will advise for liquid food during this time, it is easy to digest and also females like to consume liquid during this time.

Give her as much water as she can drink. Always keep her bowl full of water. Water drinking is good for her at this time. She will prefer to consume liquid food during last stage.

Health Care

Never ignore even a small point about her health during last stage. Ignorance can cause you big disaster. Take a regular note of her temprature, as temprature before delivery drops under 99 degree, so keeping a regular check will help you to be prepare.

Many times females have problem in giving birth to puppies, specailly in first litter, than a regular check will help you to kbow if there is any problem. If you find any problem than rush to your vet. And also consult your vet about present condition of your dog every day.

Whelping Box

Prepare a whelping box for your female and make her habit to sit in it. Start this process ten days ago than expected delivery time. She will give the birth to puppies at place where she feel most comfortable. Try to find a place where human intererance is less.

Whelping box is box as show in picture. During their initial time puppies are not able to see or walk, they just crawl, and whelpin box helps you to not let them go away and stay in that area. Also install a lamp if it is winter, it will help to gove them heat.

Initial Signs Of Delivery

There is three intial signs of delivery:-

1. Nesting

2. Refusing Food

3. Low Temprature

1. Nesting

Nesting is process for searching exact place of delivery. Female become restless just before delivery and start searching for a safe place for delivery. In any cases females also try to make a hole for delivery. When a female become restless and start walking here and there than be alert as the time of delivery is near.

Try to make her familiar with her whelping box as this will help in delivering the puppies at place where you want. Place the whelping box at place where she is alone and human interferance is less.

Refusing Food

About 24 hours before delivery females start to refuse food. Never force her to eat. This is normal process and a common sign before delivery. When she stops eating start preparing for delivery as the time is near now.

Low Temprature

Temprature of female before some hours of delivery drops as low as to 98 degrees. Keep a regular check on temprature, when you find that temprature is under 99 degree than the time is near.

When the delivery starts try to stay woth female. This will let you help her in many matters and also can avoid any unwanted situation. A proper care of pregnant female dog helps in succesfull healthy breeding. Only opt for breeding when you are fully prepared and have enough time to take care of your dog.

Caring Pregnant Female Dog In Last Ten Days

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