Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Proper and time to time deworming is important for keeping your dog healthy. Worms effect your dog in many ways and have many side effects. But you can easily prevent worms with knowledge of these basic steps. So this article is completly about deworming dog.

What It Means To Deworm?

Many parasites like hookworms, whipworms etc. are very common among dogs and puppies. These parasites have many side effects for health of dogs and puppies, so they should get a treatment or prevention way to be safe from them. The process of making your dog safe from these parasite through a dewormer product is called deworming.

Why It Is Required?

Worms have many major health issues that are harmful for dogs, to prevent all those health issues and make your dog safe deworming is required.

Deworming Dog - Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

What Are Health Issues Caused By Worms?

Worms have many side effects for a dog, which are discussed here-under:-

1. Growth Retardation

The major side effect of worms is growth retardation. Worms take the benefit of food you feed to your dog and your dog fails to have required nutrition, that leads to retardation in growth. So it is essential to deworming dog for good growth.

2. Diarrhea

Worms are reason behind diarrhea too. Coccidia worms are major reason behind this and some time there is presence of blood in diarrhea that makes the condition more worst.

3. Effect On Appetite

Effect on appetite is major set back that worms cause. Some time they increase the food intake or hunger of dog and sometime results in loss of appetite. Even the food intake may increase but the dog will not get benefit from it as major amount of nutrition is consumed by worms.

4. Weight Loss

As above discussed worms consumed most of the food intake of a dog this also cause weight loss of dog. So if you see that weight of your dog is decreasing you should immediately look for deworming. You can also check our article on Increasing The Weight Of Your Dog.

5. Anemia

Worms are also responsible for a serious problem called anemia. It is the condition where count of red blood cells get decreased.

From above discussion it is clear that worms have many side effects on dogs and deworming dog is must to do task to prevent all these problems and make him healthy.

Types Of Worms

There are commonly six types of worms found in dogs. Which are discussed here-under:-

1. Hookworms

The small and thin worms attached to instestine and major role of them is to suck the blood and cause anemia.

2. Tapeworms

These type of worms mostly found in dogs that ingest fleas or eat wildlife and roddents. They cause pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

3. Whipworms

These are thread like worms and cause anemia as they suck blood of dog.

4. Coccidia

These are more common in puppies and found less in adult dogs. These are responsible for diarrhea.

5. Heartworm

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos and are very dangerous if remain un-checked. You can also read our article on Dog Heartworm.

6. Roundworm

Roundworms are common in cats and dogs and have many side effects similar to other worms.

Although I have talked about six types of worms, but most commonly there are four types of worms which are roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworm.

Deworming Dog - Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Symptoms Of Worms.

# Diarrhea

# Presence in latring

# Change of appetite

# Increase fleas and ticks

# Smell of mouth

# Weight loss

# Vomiting

# Coughing

# Low Energy

# Cough

Whenever you find all these symptoms in your dog you can consult your vet and get a test done for finding whether this is result of worms.

How To Find My Dog Needs Deworming?

Keep a regular check on weight and stool of your dog is a good way to find whether your dog needs deworming or not. Vomit is another source that tells us about presence of worms. Many dogs show signs through cough and changes in appetite. A caring owner will easily find if there be any sign of worms in his dog.

How To Deworm Your Dog?

There many syrups and tablets available in market for deworming dogs. You can consult your vet and accordingly choose the best among them. Some common brands are Bayer, Panacur and Drontal. There are many more brands available which too have good result.

What To Look Before Deworming?

There are several factors that you should look when you choose to deworm your dog, which are mentioned here-under:-

1. Is my dog really need deworming or matter is anything else.

2. Time of last deworming

3. Amount of dose

4. Age and weight of your dog

5. Level of problem

After considering all these points consult your vet and get an appropriate advise accoding to all these factors. You can give the medicine directly with food or indirectly as advised by your vet.

What Happened Next After Deworming?

Many dogs start eating less and some have vomiting after deworming. This is because the medicine we give kills worms and dead worms cause sometimes blockage and many other things. Many times it is normal but if you find that the dog is really in trouble than it is must to consult your vet. Many dogs become less active too after deworming.

Frequency Of Deworming

Frequency of deworming dog matters a lot. If you do it less than it is a problem and if you do it more than still it is a problem. Best answer can be given by the food and health of your dog and your vet can give you accurate guide after examining your dog.

But most common frequency which is applied starts when your puppy is two weeks old. When you did the deworming of two weeks old puppy it is suggested to repeat it after every two weeks upto age of 12 weeks. After this do it every month upto the age of six months and than after every three month during their whole life time.

Can I Deworm My Female Dog During Pregnancy?

Deworming is very important during pregnancy period of female as it saves the puppies from many infections and problems. First of all do the deworming one month prior to mating and than after 45 days of mating. When she give birth to puppies she too needs to dewormed as we can not deworm puppies before two weeks of age.

Deworming Dog - Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

Is There Any Food To Prevent Worms In Dogs?

Yes! There are many natural sources of food that prevents the development of worms in your dog.

# Fermented Vegetables

# Coconut Kefir or Raw Goat Milk Kefir

# Pumpkin Seeds

# Grated Carrots

# Cucumber

# Papaya

# Pomegranate

These are some food that acts as natural source to prevent worms in dogs. This will also give you an option of adding something new to your dog’s food.

Can Worms Be Passed From Ome Dog To Other

There are less chances of worms to be pss from one to another dog, however roundworms are can be called contagious. But they too have little chance but can be passed through stool. If a healthy dog gets in touch of stool of infected dog than there is chances of getting worms.

So this is the all you should know about Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know. I hope this will help you to make your dog healthy and prevent many diseases. For more article like this keep visiting our site.

Deworming Dog – Time, Way, Product and Frequency All You Need To Know

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