Dog Digestion – Natural and Trusted Ways To Improve It

Dog Digestion – Natural And Trusted Ways To Improve It

Many of us our facing the problem of under weight dog, dog is not interested in food or eating very less etc. We tried to switch food, tried to give him exercise but nothing has changed. So what we can do now? Dog Digestion is the best answer for it. Boost your dog’s digestion system and it will show you results. Here I am with some tips to improve Dog Digestion.

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Best thing that effect dog digestion is probiotic. Probiotic is also known as good bacteria. It is bacteria which is good for our health and digestive system. So if you want to improve digestion system of your dog you have to concentrate on probiotics.

1. Food

Food has key and most important role in digestion of your dog. I always suggest to choose a better brand products for your dog. Many times we ignore the need of a better product and simply buy that is available. This is the biggest mistake that we make. Products without a proper background or lower brand effect your dog’s health system and their main effect is on digestion of your dog. So do a research before buying a food product for your dog. Try to make your dog’s food interesting as it will help you to improve his love for food. Some times dog starts to ignore food when we repeat a same kind of food again and again.

Here I am suggesting some foods that are commonly available in our home and they improve the digestion of your dog.

A. Yogurt

I have always prefer a home made food for dog as it contains the nutrition elements in natural form. Although canned food also give great results but food in it’s natural form is always best. Yogurt is the best source available to improve dog digestion. Introducing yogurt to daily meal will have you to make a big change in digestion system of your dog. It is the best probiotic food available and also contain good bacteria. Adding yogurt to your dog’s food also give a variation in food making it more interesting.

 dog digestion

dog digestion

B. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a great source of vitamin A, C and E and also Iron. It is also rich in Fiber. Adding pumpkin to your dog’s meal will help to improve dog digestion. Although best suggestion is plain canned pumpkin, but you can also add it through any medium that looks interesting to your dog. It also gives you an option to add variation in dog’s food making it interesting.

C. Goat Milk

The best thing I can suggest you for overall dog health is goat milk. It improves digestion, gives boost to platelet count and many more benefits. Give it in natural form, no modification is required. Dog digestion will become better if you introduce goat milk to your dog’s diet.

D. Ginger

It is also a great product for digestion system of your dog. It helps in production of digestive fluids. You can also introduce in to your dog.

2. Exercise

Exercise is always a best thing to improve human as well as dog digestion. Many times we feed our dog best food and supplements available in market and syart seeking results, but we remain empty handed even after all this. Even our dog start to ignore food and eat less. What is the reason behind it? The best answer is food is not getting digested and than we think why, than it is due to lesser physical activity.

Food quantity should be in proption to physical activity. Physical activity is directly related to digetion of your dog. If you are feeding your dog a best quality food and do not giving him physical activity or giving lesser physical activity than it is sure the result will not be good. Machine has to burn fuil to run smoothly, same is in our case. Food is not getting digested as the physical activity is less. Give your dog some exercise and that will improve the results. Here I am suggesting some exercises for making better digestion.

 dog digestion

dog digestion

A. Walk

The most easy exercise you can give your dog is walk. Take him long walk of atleast five kilometre a day, this will help in improving digestion.

B. Running

Give him a normal running of two kilometre to improve digetion. Running should be started after a one kilometre warm up walk.

C. Play Time

Give your dog time to play. Playing is a great exercise and your dog too enjoys it.

D. Light Jumping

Normal jumps can be given to your dog. Hold any article in hand and make your dog to jump for it.

3. Medicine

You can also opt for medicines for improving digestive system of your dog. I am not recommending any specific medicine for this you can consult your vet. It is good to introduce liver tonic in dog’s diet, it will improve dog digestion. Give liver tonic 2-3 times in a week if you feel that your dog has weak digestion system. During exercise it is must to introduce a liver tonic into diet of your dog. Your vet can also sugvest you some medicines and treatment if the problem is getting worst.

So above we have discussed some points that will improve digestive system of your dog. Dog digestion is backbone of a dog’s overall development and it should perform it’s task in good way. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Dog Digestion – Natural and Trusted Ways To Improve It

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