Dog Jealousy – What Is The Truth Behind It

Dog Jealousy – What Is The Truth Behind It

Many people ask me about emotions in dogs and always I answer yes they have too. Dog jealousy or jealousy in dogs is also a reality that we have to accept. What makes a dog jealous? This article is completely about it. Before going further you can also read our article Importance of you in your dog’s life. So lets start discussion.

Dog jealousy is the result of ignorance or when a dog feels that his owner is sharing his love with others. I have heard from many people that their dog even jealous from their child. Dog jealousy can leads toward worst situation like attack on relatives or friends, so we have decided to discuss about it.

What Is Dog Jealousy?

Same like us dogs too have feelings and affection. They to become possesive toward a particular person and they become reluctant to share his love with others and this is the basic reason behind dog jealousy.

Sometimes due to lesser Socialization or ignorance a dog become too much protective toward his owner. His internal fear can be reason behind this.

Why It Needs Attention?

Many of us will think a dog is dog by we should care about it, butaccording to me ignoring it can cause you a great problem like:-

# Dog can become Aggressive

# There are chances of Depression

# He may attack on your relative or friend

# May face any other behaviour or health issue

And almost every owner wpuld like to avert these situations and to avert these finding the reason and curing it is must.

What Are The Reasons Behind Dog Jealousy?

There are several reasons behind jealousy in dogs, but here we have taken some most common and important reasons among them. Which includes two major points one is jealousy due to share of love and second is ignorance. So lets discuss about all these points.

1. Introduction of New Dog Or Pet In Home

When we bring second dog to our home this makes many dogs jealous of new dog. This is not true in all conditions, but in cases where your dog was previously single dog in house and now you have bring new this makes him jealous.

Many times we see that dog become reluctant in sharing his things like cage or place with other dogs. He wants to show his supermacy and a feeling of jealous got developed in him if we let second dog to use his things. So introduction of new dog is also a reason for dog jealousy.

2. From Your Child

When you have a new born baby that too make a reason for dog jealousy. Your dog never wants to share your love wkth others and when you give your time to your child that makes your dog jealous. It is necessary that if you find this kind of feeling in your dog to make him familiar with your child as he can cause harm to your child.

Dogs are innocent but they are not as intelligent as humans. When they become possesive they start behaving differently. Although they do it to gain your love but sometimes they may create problems for others.

Dog jealousy

Dog jealousy

3. Jealousy From His Existing Fellow Dogs

Dogs also jealous from their existing fellow dogs, the reason behind this that wants their control and supermacy over things. Many dogs feel jealous when they feel that their owner is giving time to his fellow dogs or they look loosing control over things.

This case is mostly found in dogs who were previously single dog in home but when a new dog gets entry into house they start to feel jealous of him as they have to share their things and love of owner with new dogs.

4. Visit Of Relatives

Your relative and friends too make your dog jealousy. When your friends came to your house and your dog see you sharing your time with them, sitting with them, this makes him jealous. The basic reason is same he do not want to share your love with others.

If you have well socialized dog than there are less chances of this kind of jealousy as he normally meet new people and become familiar with them.

5. Over Protective

Many times a feeling got developed in dog that he never wants to share his owner’s love with anyone, this is due to his over protection about his owner. This also a reason behind dog jealousy.

A dog become over protective in mainly two cases, first when you give him too much time and second when you do not give him time.

6. Less Socialization

A dog who is less socialized commonly face this problem, main reason behind this is that he do not get the time to interact with new people and dogs.

A socialized dog meets many dogs and people become familiar with them, but a dog who mostly stay at home and never met new people or dogs develop a unknown feeling towards them, for him they are totally unknown and start to dislike sharing his things or owner with unknowns.

7. Illness

In some cases illness can be the reason behind dig jealousy. During illness a dog needs his owner the most and wants to stay with him as he feels protective with him. Due to this he feels jealousy whenever his owner gets busy with someone other.

This kind of dog jealousy got rectified after the dog got recovers from illness, but owner still needs to care about his case also.

Above we have mentioned basic reasons behind dog jealousy. Now lets talk about solutions as the solution is must to keep your dog and others at a safe end.

How To Cure Dog Jealousy?

A systematic and planned approach is required to cure dog jealousy. We have divided the cure into two part:-

A. Finding Out Reason

B. Action

A. Finding Out Reason

This is the first step to cure the dog jealousy. If you feel that your dog is feeling jealousy of others than find out the reason behind dog jealousy.

You may be giving him less attention, people may be new or your dog has become too protective about you. There may be lack in socialzation of dog. You have to look for all the prospective reasons and work according to it.

Reason vary for dog to dog and case to case. But there are common traits that you can find from the history of dog. For this an owner has to evaluate things to get the best and suitable reply.

B. Action

When you have the reason than you have to work to rectify it. Some common action plans are discussed here-under:-

1. Less Attention By You

If you feel that your dog is feeling jealous of others than try to find out whether their is any behaviour changes in you. Are you giving him adequate importance as you were giving him past. If you find that this may be the cause than start giving attention to your dog. Here are some tips for it.

A. Start playing with him for some time.

B. Take him on walks.

C. Give him the food he liked.

D. Start feeding with your hand.

E. Rub his ears and head with love.

Dog jealousy

Dog jealousy

2. Intoduction Of New People or Dog

There is a new entry in your house, it may be your child, relative, friend or dog, if you find this is the reason behind your dog’s jealousy than introduce him with new people. Here are some tips.

A. Let him met your relative or friend and make a bond with him.

B. Take him on long walk with new person or dog.

C. Let him play with new dog and develop a bond.

D. Ask your friends to feed something to your dog.

E. Show him your baby and sit beside him while holding your baby.

F. Ask your friend to spend some time with your dog.

3. Over Protective About You

If reason behind dog jealousy is his behaviour of over protection about his owner than the owner has key role to play in it. This occurs mostly when you give too much time to your dog. This problem needs time to get rectified. Here are some tips.

A. Reduce time spending with your dog.

B. Let him met with kther peoples too.

C. Ignore him when he show signs of jealousy.

D. Share moments with others in his presence.

4. Socialization

Although socialization is a wide topic but here we will discuss about only one feature of taking your dog out. By this he will get chance to meet new people and dogs and will become familiar with new people.

Give him playtime in park, take him to public parks etc. are some usefull tips to socialze your dog.

So above we have discussed about reasons behind dog jealousy and some ways to rectify it. It vary dog to dog why he is feeling jealous. A practical approach is must to rectify this problem and have a good and friendly dog. I hope this article will help you to understand the dog jealousy and procedure to rectify it. If you like to read more articles like this keep visiting our site and also give yout views in comment box.

Dog Jealousy – What Is The Truth Behind It

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