Inbreeding Dogs Pros & Cons – Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

Inbreeding Pros & Cons – Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

There are many doubt regarding inbreeding in our mind. We are confuse about whether to go for it or not. So I decided to write this article for providing detailed information about inbreeding.

Breeding Types

I have written a complete article on Breeding Types. For short mainly breeding is of five types:-

1. Line Breeding

2. Cross Breeding

3. Inbreeding

4. Back Breeding

5. Mix Breeding

For detailed information you can visit our article Breeding Types. This will help you to understand about breeding types.


Inbreeding is process of breeding also known as relative breeding. In this breeding family members got involved in breeding process. For example if a daughter got mated by his father it is called inbreeding. More examples are brother-sister, mother-son. So it is the process that involves direct relatives.

There are two sides of inbreeding. On one side it has great benefits and on other side it has big drawbacks. So it is risk to go for it. It may give you the best result or may make you sad. So lets discuss about it completely.

Benefits or Pros

Inbreeding has great benefits, if everything went good. A list of benefits is here-under:-

1. Improved Quality

It helps in improving the quality. Suppose you have female dog who is like her father, but she still has something like her mother. You want to improve the quality and like to produce puppies that can match the quality of your female’s father. For this you can mate her to her father. In this process the puppies will born have more common traits like their father as the genes they have are having high density of father like genes. In this way you can improve the quality of dogs.

2. Desired Traits

Inbreeding also helps in fixing and improving desired traits. Many prople like a specific colour, structure or marking in dogs and they love tonhave more like them. So this breeding type is great tool for them. It helps in producing the dogs with similar marking, colour and body structure.

Habits of a dog are also a part of trait fixing and it helps in it too. Suppose a sister got mated by her brother thr outcome will have habits similar to them. So inbreeding helps in fixing some desired traits.

The overall benefit of in-breeding is this that it helps in improving the breed. You can prepare a pure one type of line with common traits like colour, body structure etc. Puppies born in this process will show the similar characterstics to their parents and you will be sure about their nature.

Inbreeding Dogs Pros & Cons - Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

Inbreeding Dogs Pros & Cons – Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

Disadvantages or Cons

Above we have discussed about benefits of inbreeding, now we will talk about disadvantages it have. Actually the all function here is of genes. Genes are genetic codes that effect our physical appearance and functions. Sometimes genes are faulty or broken and they do not work and this is the main cause of defects.

Mainly our dogs have two genes for same function. One they got from father side and one from mother. If one code stops working other overlaps it. Here is the backbone of inbreeding problem, when we mate a daughter with her father than the genes code that puppies got are of one type, as the mother is also having same genes that are held by her father. So whenever there is a broken gene code than no subsitute will be available for it and that creates the defects.

Here ks the list of some defects that are caused by inbreeding:-

1. Physical defects

Many times inbreeding puppies got phyiscal defects like any missing body part, bended bones, abnormal body parts etc.

Inbreeding Dogs Pros & Cons - Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

Inbreeding Dogs Pros & Cons – Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

2. Health Defects

Health defects got multiplied in inbreeding. Puppies will be more prone to illness and need lot of care. As the both gene codes that a puppy have are kf same type and if there is any defect in it the outcome will be double.

3. Fertlity

Ability of future production also got effected by it. Puppies born out of it have lower fertlity as compared to other dogs.

4. Lesser Life Spam

This may not be true in all cases but puppies born in in-breeding has lesser life spam. They remain highlg lrone to many diseases that becomes reason for this.

Go For It Or Not

Inbreeding has given great results in past and also great setbacks are also given by it. You should be aware back lineage of your dog, how his ancestors have performed in it. If you are clear about it than you can opt for it. Otherwise it is a risk and must be avoided if possible. If you want common traits than you can go for line breeding as jt do not have any problem and gives great results too.

So above we have discussed all the points that will help you to understand the matter fully. If you want to read more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Inbreeding Dogs Pros & Cons – Detailed Study For Understanding The Fact

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