Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways – Better Breeding Steps

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways – Better Breeding Steps

If you are planning for a breeding and you have selected a perfect match male for your female and you have worry about production ability of that dog, than you are at right place to find the perfect answer. Many time owners of dogs are worry about the fact that many times females do not get concieve from their dog and they think that it is required to increase the productivity of male, so this is the perfect answer for their search too. Here we will discuss about Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways – Better Breeding Steps. Lets start the discussion.

Understanding The Situation

We are going to discuss about Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways, but first of all we should have a clear cut idea but is less fertility and what is in-fertility. Less productive means the condition where dog is producing puppies but their numbers are less and sometimes females do not get concieved from dog and infertility means inability to produce puppies. So in less fertility dog is still productive but has chances of getting in-fertility.


# Age of dog

# Injuries

# Long illness

# Physical dis-order

# Excessive breeding

# Unable to ejaculate

# Low sperm count


# Small size of litter

# Sometimes female do not get concieved

# Loss of libido

# Urine related problem like bleeding, excessive or less urine

# Excessive water drinking

# Problems related to testicles

# Appetite changes

# Weight loss

These above are some symptoms of starting of infertility or less fertility that needs urgent and immidiate check.

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

Now lets come to our main point, which is the ways to improve it. I have divided it into catagories, which are here under:-

1. Keeping A Dog

2. Diet

3. Medical Treatment

1. Keeping A Dog

This matters a lot how you keep a dog in his fertility. Your care is the main thing that helps to maintain high fertility level in a dog. You can also read our article on Making Dog Better. I have drafted some ways to increase or maintain fertility of a dog, which are as under:-

A. Daily Exercise

Daily exercise has a great role in fertility of a dog. A dog who gets regular exercise normally has high fertility than a dog who do not get exetcise. You can also read our article on Exercising Dog, this will help you to find an exercise according to your dog. Daily exercise has great benefits for your dog, you can study in detail them in our article Benefits Of Daily Exercise.

It increases stamina, fertility, endurance and immunity of a dog. So if you want to improve your dog’s fertility exercise is a great tool for it.

B. Releasing Mental Pressure

Many times your dog stays in condition of mental pressure and it is a big reason behind less fertility in dogs. Depression In Dogs is serious problem in dogs and can never remain unchecked. Spend some time with your dog and help him to recover from it. Build his confidence so that he can overcome his prese t state of mind.

C. Playtime

Playtime is a natural therapy for many diseases in us and in our dog. You can read our complete article on Importance Of Playtime for understanding it better. Playtime gives your dog a perfect exercise and also releases their mental pressure, and in this way he help to improve his health and better health is the key behind good fertility.

D. His Sitting And Sleeping Area

The area where he stay most of his time has important role in fertility of a dog. It should have proper temperature maintainace as high temprature always decreases fertility. Temprature should be that much that he can feel comfirtable there as excessive cooling is also not good for health.

E. Regular Vet Check-Ups

A dog should be healthy, as illness decreases fertility of a dog. Take your dog for regular vet check-ups and consult the vet about his health. You can also consult on Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways, it will help in improving your knowledge and better understanding of the topic. It will also help you in improving the overall health of your dog.

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

2. Diet

You can never ignore the importance of diet in improving the fertility of a dog. We have already discussed about Balanced Diet For Dogs and it has great importance in imcreasing fertility of your dog. You can also look at article about Best Dog Foods for better understanding. Two things are most essentials in increasing fertility in dogs:-

A. Vitamin E

B. Fatty Acids

A. Vitamin E

Vitamin E has very important role in increasing fertility of a dog. It saves sperm from free radicals as it can pass through sperm membrane. Almonds, peanuts etc. are great source of Vitamin E, you can also buy Vitamin E supplement from market.

B. Fatty Acids

Fatty acids too have great role in increasing fertility in dog. Omega-3 & 6 has great role in boosting the reproduction power of a dog. Soybean, canola, wallnut etc. are great source of fatty acids. Many supplements are also available which provides omega-3 & 6.

You can also check here for more details on role of Vitamin E and Fatty acids by visiting It is also suggested that commercial dog foods also affect fertilitt of a dog you can check it here So try to give Home Made Diet to your dog.

Except from this you overall diet should be fully balanced. It should have high nutrition value. Dogs needs protien rich (min. 25%) and with good amount of fat and carbohydrates. So never ignore the role of good diet in Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways.

3. Medical Treatment

Medical treatment has great role in when we talk about Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways. When you reach your vet for treatment of less fertility he will inquire about history of your dog’s production and speacailly about last few litters. Inquirinq about females imvolved is also important to find the exact problem.

Main treatment revolve around thyroid of dog. The first step a vet will have to check for sperm count. Normally a healthy dog has 200 million sperms in per milliliter of semen. If dog has low sperm count his thyroid will be checked frequently. There may be thyroid replacement for increasing fertility. After replacement there will be wait and watch and you ahve to wait upto six months for results.

The reason behind low fertility may be tumor in prostate and than the effectiveness of treatment depends upon intensity of tumor. You can also refer to article by for more details.

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways

Care During Treatment

# Seprate your dog from females in heat

# Make a pause on enrolling him in breeding

# Regular thyroid check-up

# Give as much rest as possible

# Increase Vitamin E and Fatty Acids in food

# Check for symptoms to avoid re-occuring

Male Dog Fertility Increasing Ways – Better Breeding Steps

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