Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Rabies is the worst of the health problem that a dog can get. It is a life threatening and no medical treatment is available for it. In this articles we will discuss about Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure. This will help you a lot to save your dog from fatal disease.


It is a contagious and fatal viral disease and found in mainly dogs. Other mammals got also effected from it. It pass through saliva from one infected animal to another, the way may be bite or lick for passing.


Here are some common symptoms of rabies you can look for.

# Pica

# Paralysis

# Fever

# Fear of water

# Seizures

# Inability to swallow something

# Aggression

# Change in bark tone

# Fear of light and sound

# Restlessness

# Foam in mouth

# Heavy breathing

# Weakness

# Loss of control over throat

These are some symptoms of rabies in dogs that you can check when this virus is getting developed in dog. If you find that these are the same signs that your dog is showing try to avoid contact with saliva of your dog.

When a dog gets infected he becomes aggressive and restless. He attacks on other animals and humans too. He try to bite them and through this bite the virus gets transmitted to another animals.

Rabies In Dogs - Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure


The virus of rabies is transmitted from infected animals to healthy animals mainly through bite. An infected animal has large amount of virus in his saliva and whenever he bite another animals his saliva gets mixed with blood of that animal, that too makes him infected as saliva was rich in virus.

Mother too pass this virus to her puppies. There are chances of passing this virus from milk but most common chance is passing through lick. So the main source of this virus is saliva.

The virus is transmitter by physical contact and further it travels to spinal cord and brain. In advanced stages it reaches the saliva glands and produces foam.

There are other ways too for transmission of virus than bite. It can be transmitted through contact of open wound to virus, scratches etc. So utmost care is necessary whenever you are near to any infected animal.


It is clear that it is contagious virus means it gets transmitted from one animal to another. It can take as early as 9 days to show the signs of rabies and in some cases it is as long as 7 years. But normal time spam is 3-8 weeks to show the symptoms after getting infected.

In initial stages dog starts to become aggressive and restless. Further it takes to foaming from mouth and than paralysis. It takes normally 10 days to after symptoms have appeared in a dog. So it is a problem that kills very fast.

Rabies In Dogs - Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure


There is no treatment available for rabies when symptoms appears. You can prevent it but if it ince gets into body of your dog than it is impossible to cure him. So you have only way to make your dog safe from rabies is prevention.

How Long It 9Took To Death

A dog infected by rabies can survive up to maximum of ten days. It is fatal virus and once it got developed than it kills your dog very fast.

From above two points it is clear that it is a very dangerous virus and lack of medical treatment makes it more dangerous. So what is the solution for it. We have only one solution and i.e Prevention.

Which Dogs Are Highly Prone 

Dogs which are un-vaccinated and are open to contact with other dogs and animals are at high risk to get infected by rabies. Street dogs are at more risk than dogs kept in home. It is suggested to cut-off your dog’s connection with street dogs as they are highly prone to this infection. They do not get vaccinated and are more open to getting in contact with infected animals. You can also visit pets.webmd.com for reading more about rabies in dogs.


As we have about talked that there is no treatment for rabies only option we have is prevention. There is complete vaccination course for rabies which gives great immunity to your dog. You can also read our article on Vaccination In Dogs.

Dogs get vaccinated for it as early as age of three months. It is must to give vaccination to your dog as it also helpful for you as rabies can be transmitted to humans. Vaccination needs boosters too every year to remain effective. Even though it do not eliminate the all chances of getting rabies but it helps to a great extent. It is compulsory by law too to vaccinate your dog against rabies. There are some other points too that you have to look upon:-

# Don’t let your dog to play with un-vaccinated dogs

# Take care of the symptoms of rabies in your dog

# Regular vet check-ups

# Vaccination

# Boosters for vaccination

So above have talked about Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure. If you are planning to own a dog or you already have a dog than it is must that you should vaccinate him against this. It not only saves your dog but also has great benefits for you. For more articles like this keep visiting our site.

Rabies In Dogs – Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

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